Today at our Build conference, Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, announced that we will provide the solutions from Xamarin, a leading platform provider for mobile app development, to all developers who have Visual Studio licenses. For all our Microsoft partners who develop software for internal use or as part of your business model, that means you will receive Xamarin capabilities within your current IUR (Internal User Rights) program benefits.

For partners, leveraging this solution as you write apps for your customers or for your own team opens your technology up to more usage scenarios. In essence, these new capabilities help you create universal apps that extend beyond Microsoft’s platform to 3rd party technologies. Imagine writing code one time and deploying it across all devices for Android, iOS, and Windows. Xamarin provides this solution—smarter, faster, better.

All Microsoft Gold and Silver competency partners currently receive Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions as part of your IUR benefit, and all Microsoft Action Pack subscribers receive Visual Studio Professional subscriptions. These subscriptions now include Xamarin development tools to create native, cross-platform applications in Android, iOS, and Windows. Learn more and see the full list of features and technologies that have been added to your Visual Studio subscriptions.

As part of your MPN membership, Visual Studio Enterprise and Visual Studio Professional subscribers will also receive access to a select number of on-demand readiness courses through Xamarin University which will help you get up-to-speed on cross-platform, mobile development. Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers will also get a 25 percent discount on the Xamarin Test Cloud, which allows you to test your software on more than 2,000 mobile devices.

If you haven’t activated your Microsoft Partner Network IUR benefit for Visual Studio subscriptions, do it today.

We are continuing to invest in you and the strength of your business by providing you access to the solutions that will make an impact. We are excited to be able to provide you with these upgrades to your partner resources and benefits, brought to you by Xamarin from Microsoft.

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