I wanted to share an update on a program we launched last year: FastTrack Onboarding Center (OBC). While the remote onboarding service benefit still focuses on customer success by helping customers deploy and use Office 365, since launching this program, we’ve had the opportunity to incorporate feedback we’ve received, and evolve the program to better include partners’ services.
FastTrack services continue to offer the best experience while helping partners grow their businesses – both the partner and the Onboarding Center are working in collaboration with customers to deliver first-class services. FastTrack minimizes the time partners need to spend doing time-intensive administrative tasks, so they can increase time spent selling and deploying high-value added services that can be more profitable and drive customer usage.
Some of the feedback we received from customers who are adopting Microsoft Cloud services was that they needed help to fully realize the value of their investment. As a result, we’ve announced several updates to FastTrack and our Adoption Offers.
  1. Office 365 Services: to meet customer expectations and provide a consistent user experience, we are adding email mail data migration as part of the core FastTrack service benefits. Every new customer with an eligible purchase of Office 365 over 150 seats will be entitled to remote onboarding and email migration provided by a regional Onboarding Center. This will allow customers and their partners to utilize the Microsoft-provided approach for onboarding to the cloud. We have also added additional SKUs.

  2. EMS Services:  Microsoft FastTrack now also provides onboarding assistance to customers with an eligible purchase of EMS over 150 seats. An eligible purchase will entitle the customer to remote onboarding provided by a regional Onboarding Center.

  3. Offers: to continue helping our partners drive adoption of new workloads, we are also announcing two new Adoption offers: one for Office 365 and one for EMS. Each of these offers is available to eligible customers from September 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016, and the goal is to help partners drive active usage. The Office 365 Adoption Offer focuses on encouraging partners to drive adoption, while with the EMS Adoption offer, customers can earn funds on a per-seat basis to pay for qualified adoption activities by eligible Microsoft competency partners. Both of these offers are in addition to the onboarding and mail migration benefits, so customers are no longer required to choose.  Partners are also eligible for the relevant incentives associated with both O365 and EMS usage when they are the Partner of Record.

  4. QuickLeads: Finally, where a customer doesn’t have a partner attached, Microsoft will utilize the FastTrack QuickLeads to connect Office 365 and EMS leads to eligible partners for additional services.
This newly re-envisioned version of Microsoft FastTrack offers three great opportunities to help partners grow their business: 1) Helping customers get value from purchased cloud services faster, 2) Offsetting the cost of onboarding, migration, and adoption while supporting partners’ desire to sell high-margin, high-value services that are often more profitable and drive customer satisfaction, and 3) Connecting customers with partners via our QuickLeads program.
Look for more details on the MPN portal and at WPC in the coming weeks
We’re looking forward to supporting our partners as we continue to help our customers get the most from their investment and grow their business profitably.
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