​What if I told you there is a tool out there that all Microsoft Partners have access to that could provide your company a significant number of leads? That’s exactly what Pinpoint and Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace did for our company, eSavvy. We’re a Microsoft Dynamics Gold-certified partner based in Sydney, Australia.  We’ve only had Dynamics Marketplace here in Australia for about the last eighteen months, but because it’s the primary catalog for which customers go to look for solutions around Dynamics, we get a lot of traffic through there.

 What we’ve found is really interesting about the Dynamics Marketplace is the ‘dwell’ time. Customers tend to spend a lot more time in Marketplace looking at your solutions and reading the pages that you put up. So much so that we took the extraordinary step of actually having a dedicated resource focusing on building the solutions and putting them up on Marketplace. We try to present a fairly rich experience when people go onto Marketplace. There are online demos. There are a lot of screenshots. There’s a lot of description of the actual product. Potential customers also have the ability to actually download the product and sample it before they buy, a scenario which we find is quite interesting for them.

I was surprised at the significant number of leads we were averaging coming out of Marketplace, I think is a significant lead-generation engine. Not only that, but it provides a really good breadth and spread in terms of the people who view it from various geographic locations.

We’re primarily a Sydney-based partner, bit our marketplace profile recently attracted the interest of a company in Perth, about 4,000 kilometers away in Western Australia. They were specifically looking for a stakeholder management solution and studied our profile and website. Shortly after, they included eSavvy in their selection process for acquiring stakeholder management services. This is a great example of how the system can generate leads and opportunities for partners.

I think, these days, digital marketing is becoming the primary marketing channel. Most of our time is spent with digital marketing. Obviously, we’ll continue to invest in our own website, SEO, and SEM, but I think Dynamics Marketplace provides a significant additional channel from which we generate leads that all partners should leverage and include in their digital marketing plans.