​Yesterday you heard Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie speak about how Microsoft is delivering the industry’s most complete cloud to help customers thrive in the mobile-first, cloud-first world. I strongly encourage all our partners to visit the Microsoft News Center and watch the on-demand webcast, read the blog from Scott, and check out the press release.

When I think about what the news means for partners, a few things stand out:
First is the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS). This new offering gives large enterprises and service providers the public cloud benefits with the control of an on-premises experience. It offers the best of public and private solutions. Essentially an Azure consistent cloud-in-a-box, the Cloud Platform System arrives pre-configured, highly integrated, fully tested and validated, and with advanced management features. Simply, CPS makes building and maintaining a cloud easier and more cost-effective. We think that enterprises, service providers, partners creating managed services, and governments looking to deploy cloud infrastructure quickly, efficiently, and securely will be interested in CPS.
Second, the new Azure Marketplace is a great way for ISVs and startups or any company creating IP-based solutions to connect with enterprise customers, as the new features make it easier to find and deploy with a few clicks. Be sure that potential customers can find you – update your Pinpoint profile in “partner central” to maximize your customer reach. Recent upgrades to Pinpoint improved ease of use and discoverability, so leverage this important tool to build your business.
As I learned in my recent travels, cloud continues to be top of mind for partners. I’ve seen firsthand that partners who move from a transactional model towards managed services and IP experience higher demand and business growth. According to IDC’s Successful Cloud Partners 2.0 ebook, the worldwide public cloud market is expected to be over $107 billion by 2017. Clearly there continues to be great opportunity for partners to build recurring revenue streams in the cloud. We have resources to help you drive penetration and consumption with our customers and partners, so check out the tools available to you. Discover what many partners have already found – that the rewards of moving to the cloud can be incredible.
In support of the announcements we made yesterday, we are bringing together training, marketing, and guided access to partner program benefits to help you onboard and take advantage of this new opportunity right away. You’ll find these resources updated over the next few weeks and available on the Microsoft Partner portal.