This blog has content for all readers but will probably provide the most benefit to partners with mid-sized marketing departments – two to five FTEs and/or agency support. Smaller marketing department? Check out last week’s blog. Larger marketing department? Stay tuned!
Continuing our conversation on how to match your marketing efforts to where your ideal prospects are in their purchase journey, if you have full-time marketing staff and/or agency support, you should be able to target potential customers at any stage of the process. With more marketing resources at your disposal, now is a good time to really expand and customize the information you share with customers. Build a brand for your company and begin using original content to create thought leadership.
Content, content, content

There are many ways to engage prospects in conversation, so take advantage of the fact that you have marketing people who can help push your message out there.

  • Re-purpose content in multiple formats (in-person, events, online, email, etc.) and match topics to common customer issues that you hear.
  • Tune your content to the stages of the cloud buyer’s journey. The Partner Marketing Center has tools, sales presentations, email templates, and more to get you started.
  • Consider do-it-yourself video, and optimize for mobile consumption!
  • Update your website: Consider investing in making your site search engine optimized with keywords and links to move you up in search results. If you haven’t yet, ensure your Pinpoint profile is as up-to-date as your website, complete with keywords.
  • Publish vertical-specific content such as case studies, and include offers and incentives.
  • Don’t forget to track leads and fine-tune your marketing mix.
Partners in this category generally spend a higher percentage of revenue on marketing, so if you fit this description, consider upgrading your marketing tools. At this level, you should have:
  • A basic marketing automation system that connects your emails to your website, social media channels, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. Don’t let leads slip past you!
  • Integrated billing and CRM systems that provide updates in advance of renewal deadlines. Don’t miss these great opportunities to upsell and cross sell.
  • A system for developing customer references for your website and for Pinpoint. References give credibility, and recent reviews are weighted in Pinpoint’s search results. Make it easy for your customers to tell others how terrific you are.
  • Formal customer training, support, and engagement practices to help them be successful and encourage expanded usage.
  • A sophisticated social media presence, ideally operating from a content calendar. At this stage, you should be creating consistent content on a daily or weekly schedule. Yes, that’s a lot of material, but in addition to your marketing staff, you have sales/service and support experts who can provide valuable information and insights – use them!
The best tools are the ones that help you identify and respond to prospects quickly and appropriately. As partner Qlogitek told us, “The most important thing to close a deal is how responsive and accurate you can be to your prospective buyer. If they send you a request for information, the faster you can get back to them, the more accurate and timely your information is to them, the higher your chances are of getting that deal.” Qlogitek manages this by focusing on verticals – this allows their marketing team to fine-tune their content and approach to that specific audience.
Partner TechQuarters leverages social media to get their message out with videos, blog, and case studies. These channels help them drive traffic to live events, where immersion experiences and face-to-face conversations seal the deal. “We found that the social media aspect is big. The social proof is given out via videos and blogs and case studies. We have an immersion experience at the seminars, where people can touch and play with lots of different devices that connect to 365.”
Content consistency will help prospects find you; content excellence will encourage them to choose you. Broaden your reach by utilizing several channels, but keep your quality standards high. Don’t forget that you have access to content which can be leveraged and repurposed, via the Partner Marketing Center.
Next week’s blog will address the needs of organizations with larger marketing teams, so stay tuned!
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