Reaching your customers using compelling content marketing is more critical than ever in today’s digital age. This year, I am excited to be speaking about how to do this at the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference.

I have one insanely simple message for Microsoft partners attending WPC: stop thinking like marketers, and start acting like publishers and socializers!
Why? Your buyers have changed. And they’re never looking back.
Today’s buyers have more information than ever before about the problems they want to solve, the technologies available to help them solve those problems and how much that technology should cost. They’re using a set of online channels — including search engines, blogs and social media — to cut through the noise of traditional marketing and zero in on the most relevant information to help them get exactly what they want, for the price they’re willing to pay.
We’re seeing ERP, CRM and traditional IT buyers completing as much as 70 percent of the purchasing process before they ever engage with a salesperson. For Microsoft partners, that means identifying qualified, ready leads is no longer enough. You need to get found as soon as your customer starts looking for a product you offer. You need to out-educate your competition to make sure you are the one shaping a buyer’s vision of what they want and need at the very beginning of the sales process.
How? You need to start thinking like publishers and socializers and focus on creating content that your buyers actually want to engage with. That means your content is meaningful and relevant; and it includes top-notch blog articles and social media posts that include the most current market data plus industry research reports and studies. It means your content is not only interesting to your buyer, but it provides the key information they need before they see it from anyone else.
Meaningful, relevant content is the best way to ensure that no matter what your buyer is looking for from advice to analysis they find your content, your people, your brand, your products and your company.
Join me at WPC to learn four simple steps you can take “stop thinking like a marketer, and start acting like a publisher and socializer.”