If you have as many customers as you’ll ever need, and you’ll never want more, you can stop reading this blog right now. However, if you think you might want to attract new business, let’s talk about a really good way to make that happen: Pinpoint. Before you tell me that you don’t have time to create or update your Pinpoint profile right now, let me ask you this: If you got a single lead, just one customer from Pinpoint, would it be worth it? I think for most of us, it would be. And if you create and maintain your profile correctly, you might just get a whole lot more.
If you’re in business, chances are you’re pretty much always looking for leads. And leads may be harder to find than ever. These days, prospects control the buying experience: they’re doing buying research online, and they don’t want to engage with a salesperson until they’re ready. Your mission is to get those prospects to act – to come to you for answers to their questions and hopefully to purchase the solution from you when the time is right.
The leads are out there. Six million visitors land on Pinpoint, looking for solutions – chances are, a few of them are looking for you, they just don’t know it… yet. How do you get them to find you, and once found, to choose you? At Nurture Marketing, we’ve developed a program to help partners perfect your Pinpoint profile and attract your share of those six million hits.
The first question we ask partners is, “Who do you want to do business with?” To get the attention of a prospect, you should write in the voice of that prospect, and you can only do that if you know who they are. Identifying your ideal prospect helps you communicate to them that you know their pain and have solutions to heal it. Our five Nurture principles can help you customize your profile to attract the right prospects:
Reciprocity: It’s about giving as well as getting. From your profile, point to great information prospects can use to solve their problems. Tips, tools, blog posts, expert assistance, and other resources – focused on their particular issues and given freely and without a sales pitch – can separate you from the “sellers,” demonstrate your expertise, and help you be top of mind as the “good guy” when the customer is ready to buy.
Persistence: You don’t have to be pushy to be persistent. Be persistent by having great content that’s updated regularly on your website. It’s a great way to get yourself “favorited” or “bookmarked” for when prospects have additional questions or want to make a purchase decision.
Consistency: Keeping branding and messaging consistent between your Pinpoint profile, your website, and any social channels helps build customer confidence. When prospects are ready to make a major technology purchase, you can be pretty sure they’ll want a solution provider they can trust.
Ethics: The prospect needs to believe your company can and will deliver as promised. Having testimonials and references on your profile can really help with this. A customer saying, “They did a great job for me!” usually has better traction with prospects than you saying, “We’ll do a great job for you!”
Rapport: In a world of overwhelming choices, sometimes the best differentiator between you and your next competitor is rapport. Your Pinpoint profile should demonstrate to your target audience that you understand them – their business, their pain points, their drivers, and their goals.
Bring it all together. One of the things we do with partners when we’re helping them perfect their profile is to ask, “How did you beat your competition in your last three sales?” Was it that you can provide HIPAA compliance, for example? Whatever that answer is should be brought to the surface of your Pinpoint profile. Make it one of your keywords so a prospect searching for a partner who understands the complexity of HIPAA regulations can find you. Your profile should direct that prospect to your site where you have content that demonstrates your understanding of the issues they face. Offer free tips they can use to benefit their business. Have a reference from a customer that looks a lot like them. Have lots of ways they can contact you, even if it’s just to ask a question. And if they ask one, answer it.
Whether you hire Nurture Marketing to upgrade your Pinpoint profile, or you get your team in a room with a whiteboard and hash it out yourselves, Pinpoint is a great, low-cost way to get your name out there. Microsoft is working hard to drive more traffic to Pinpoint, so you can get even more exposure. Even if you get just one or two new clients a year, isn’t that worth the investment?
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