Have you seen those little squares with color or black-and-white triangles inside them? Those are Microsoft Tags—and they’re creating opportunities for Microsoft partners to connect with customers in new, innovative ways.

Tag is a free end-to-end barcode solution that engages customers by bridging the digital and physical worlds, and provides you with analytics on how your Tags are performing. Tag has seen rapid growth since its January 2009 launch, with more than 5 billion Tags printed, and adoption by major brands such as Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and Herbal Essences. (Check out the latest adoptions on the Tag blog.)
Scanning your Tag on a product, in print advertising, or even off a PowerPoint slide gives people instant access to mobile web content such as e-newsletter signups, promotions, and exclusive video. You can also customize your Tag to complement your branding or design.
How else can partners use Tag? You can deliver different web experiences to customers based on their physical location with Tag’s Real-Time Location feature, or by mobile platform with App Download Tags. Windows Phone 7 is already using App Download Tags to make it easier for customers to download an ESPN app. You can use this new Tag type to create campaigns targeting specific mobile platforms, taking customers directly to the platform-specific download location for your app.
What dynamic mobile experiences can you connect to with Tag? Take a look at the Tag site and implementation guide to get started.
If you’d like to learn more, or you have a cool Tag implementation to share, contact us at taginfo@microsoft.com.​