Hello Partners,
I am very pleased to announce a set of great features available now on Connect that will help you make the most of your overall experience at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference.
When I listen to partners talk about WPC, one of the most common things I hear is the value of connections made during the conference. Yet, with so many partners to meet, products to explore and sessions to attend, your WPC schedule can be tricky to manage.
Connect gives all partners a great way to make connections and keep in touch with the many people you’ll meet at WPC 2015. With the Connect platform, you can build your professional identity, discover new opportunities and join in conversations with other great Microsoft partners. But it’s more than just a valuable networking tool.
Now with Connect, you can prepare for your time at WPC with a new set of schedule management and communication features:
  • Meeting Scheduler: Use the meeting scheduler to book meetings during conference hours for up to 10 people in the designated WPC Connect space. We also now allow you to select an alternative location of your choosing.


  • Session Scheduler: Use the session scheduler to find the exact sessions you are looking for, and create the perfect WPC learning experience. Then, export your schedule to Outlook so you keep your personalized agenda for the week at your fingertips. Booking a session does not guarantee a seat, so be sure to arrive early.


  • Calendar Delegation: New for 2015! You can now give another Connect user the ability to manage your WPC onsite calendar within Connect, even if they’re not a WPC attendee.


  • Messaging: Send one-to-one messages to anyone with a public profile within Connect – whether they are attending WPC or not. Newly enhanced spam controls allow users to individually block other users, if needed.


  • Improved Search Capabilities: This year we have integrated more profile elements from registration for enhanced searching and filtering and made more profile data optionally available in search results. As always, an attendee can control exactly what information is displayed to others or opt out of the attendee directory completely.


  • Improved User Experience: This year we have added a persistent social sidebar, groups landing page and updated home page to help bring the popular search function front and center.
Join a group or discussion today – and introduce yourself! Organize your schedule so you won’t miss that important session, inspiring speaker, or partner meeting that could take your business to the next level. Even if you can’t attend WPC this year, you can still join Connect and take advantage of the discussions, groups and relationships with other partners.
Remember, Connect doesn’t end with the conference. This tool is available all year long to keep you connected and updated. Stay in contact with the people you meet this year and see them again at WPC 2016!
Create your profile today and get empowered with Connect.


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