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A great work culture is one that inspires each and every individual to bring their best efforts to the table each and every day. Teams that succeed in achieving this goal are more productive and more impactful in driving business success. Companies succeed or fail on the motivation of their employees, and with a workforce looking for validation in what they do, bringing that inspiration to life is key.

Last week at our annual flagship partner event, Microsoft Inspire, we got to see exactly what inspires our partners and our team members here at the Microsoft Partner Network. This video brings it all together and highlights why it is that we (and you) love what you do.

How to Create an Inspiring Workplace

There are several things that businesses can do to encourage the sort of employee inspiration that builds better teams and drives productivity. According to employer data from sources like Fortune and Glassdoor, it all comes down to culture. Here are 4 things you can do to make room for more inspiration in the workplace.

Encourage Mindfulness

Mindfulness in the workplace is about awareness. It’s about engaging employees in a way that makes their work about more than the paycheck they earn. Every action they take should be meaningful to them and should be aligned with both their business goals and their sense of integrity. When people can honestly say that they love what they do, amazing things happen.

As an employer, you can encourage that level of mindfulness by making space for professional exploration, by enabling better work/life balance, and even by providing mindfulness training or tools that employees can benefit from every day. Benefits of these exercises include reduced stress, improved memory, as well as healthier and happier teams.

Reward Innovation and Creativity

As we recently discussed on the Microsoft Partner Network podcast, creativity in the workplace is critical to your long-term growth and success as a company. As an employer, you can benefit from the innovative ideas and creative problem solving that your staff brings to the table, but you have to make room for a little risk taking and yes even failure. Only then can your team and your company learn and grow in a competitive environment. If your team is so afraid of failure that they are not willing to take smart risks, then your business is doomed to fall behind.

Build Relationships

Relationships are the cornerstone of a positive work environment, but they are also critical to customer success. Within your teams, enable the trust and comradery that will help your employees work better together and achieve greater results than they would ever be able to on their own. That sense of family and trust within a team environment increases productivity, drives success, and boosts morale.

When it comes to customer relationships, remember that your focus should be on providing solutions, not making sales. Customer experience matters, and by addressing customer pain points and engaging with the community directly, you will be the partner they need in driving your mutual success.

Enable Growth

Lastly, for a truly inspiring work culture, you need to focus not just on where your employees are at the present time, but where they want to be in the future. Professional growth and development is an opportunity that employers too often overlook. Rarely do businesses have the chance to recruit the sort of leadership and skilled talent they need to lead the company into the next stage of digital transformation. By investing in the growth and development of your employees, you not only increase retention but help them achieve more on the job.

Are you inspired by the work you do? Does your company seek to create the positive work culture that enables success? Share your thoughts with us in the Microsoft Partner Community here.