How would you rate your digital marketing presence? Are you ready to convert leads into sales?

It’s no secret that buying patterns have changed with an abundance of readily-available, free internet content. Many analysts, research firms, and agencies knock on my digital door every day, sharing their latest research detailing additional proof points on something we all know: buyers are increasingly more informed and will find you when they are ready to buy. The gist of the information suggests that buyers are frequently already 50-70% along in their decision-making process when they make digital contact. This concurs with my real world experience, and it’s even more pronounced with customers looking for subscription-based cloud services where upfront costs are lower and the risk is less.   
So, if you are eager to understand how to accelerate growth and acquire more customers at a lower cost to your business, consider these questions:
  1. How easily are informed customers able to find you online?
  2. When they do make digital contact are you ready to capitalize on the interest in real-time through conversion to trial?
  3. Is your digital sales process then able to convert to purchase, up-sell, and cross sell, with your benefitting from vendor incentives as a consequence?
If you can’t immediately answer these questions with conviction, I suggest you take a thoughtful approach to capitalizing on digital marketing capabilities.
In developing your digital strategy, take into consideration what you can do to skyrocket your online capabilities:
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Guide says that “Only 10-12% of corporate sites are optimized for organic search.”  SEO is improving the structure, content and authority of a website to increase the number and quality of visits via organic means.
  • Gain visibility on major search engines with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Paid search compliments SEO to help “trigger” the sale. You pay for actual clicks.
  • Develop a social media strategy. By utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, you can increase exposure and attract more leads, links and followers to gain online reputation as search engines consider social feeds on organic results.
To exponentially take your digital marketing to the next level, take advantage of a new paid service for Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) members: DigitalStride: Skyrocket Your Business with Digital Marketing, a set of offerings to assess your digital IQ, make proven recommendations, and provide a competitive score for continuous improvement.
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  • DigitalStride Digital IQ Assessment
  • DigitalStride SEO Guidance: Search Engine Optimization. Web optimization can increase organic search traffic exponentially. More than 400 partners used this service last year and results were 50-70% increases in new monthly visits. 
  • DigitalStride Content SyndicationWeb Syndication for Office 365 with Try and Buy. Web content syndication is a service for Microsoft partners that dynamically delivers fresh and valuable customer-facing content and offers from Microsoft through partner websites. The Office 365 asset includes a try and buy option. 
  • DigitalStride Pinpoint Optimization Microsoft Pinpoint. Optimizing profiles helps partners drive new customers to their business.
Plus, for a limited period, Resellers who open a new Bing Ads account through the Skyrocket program will be eligible for a special offer of US$75 in Bing Ads.


This is a proven program, with partners seeing incredible results through improving organic search. Phoenix Software, based in the UK, won a major account and increased their organic site traffic by 22%. “We place a huge amount of importance on our web strategy, as it helps us reach out to new customers and provide more dynamic information than traditional communication vehicles,” said Samantha Mudd, Director of Sales and Marketing at Phoenix Software Ltd. (Case Study)
I look forward to supporting your acquisition of new customers, growth acceleration, and sales costs reduction. We are limiting this phase, so if the above appeals to you, don’t delay in getting started. Every moment counts. There might be a new customer looking to purchase Office 365 in your location at this very moment.
Happy selling.