Looking Back to Get Ahead
The best way to get a glimpse into the future is often taking a look at the past.
Within my own career, the best guidance I have received has been learning from the experiences of mentors, trusted advisors, and those whose careers I hope to emulate. While technology will always be a dynamic industry, I’ve found there is something constant, something persistent among those who have found success: an innate passion for innovation that fosters an unstoppable drive. The trick (and I wouldn’t say this is easy) is finding where that passion resides and knowing that like everything else in technology, it will continue to transform.
I am constantly in awe of the many role models within the Microsoft community that are so willing to share their passions and their experiences with those of us willing to listen. Susan Hauser, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for the Enterprise and Partner Group has made this a priority at WPC and will be presenting “Leading in a Changing World” as part of the Emerging Leader’s track.  
Join Susan Hauser for this inspiring session to hear about her experiences and things she has learned as she transitioned from individual seller to sales manager to leader of enterprise business at Microsoft, responsible for one-third of the company’s global revenue. Susan will share insight on her remarkable 24 years at Microsoft, her principles for success, and her thoughts on the skills and attributes needed to be successful in the new area of services and devices.
While I am absolutely looking forward to this presentation (I’ve had a sneak peak- trust me, it’s a must see), I am even more excited that there will also be a moderated Q&A where Hauser will answer attendees’ questions. To have the opportunity to ask a global sales leader questions about her career, perspectives, and views on the industry is one of those rare and priceless experiences only WPC can provide.
This is one glimpse of the future I know I don’t want to miss!

To add this session to your schedule go to WPC Connect and sign up for “Leading in a Changing World” (EL05).