My favorite part of my job is spending time talking with partners. Over the past six months, it’s become clear to me that the conversation around finding success with the cloud has shifted away from “why” toward the “how” – as in how to fully capitalize on this unique opportunity.
In fact, virtually every partner I connect with sees this tremendous opportunity as a historical game changer and is looking for how to take advantage of it. That said, this is where many partners often feel stuck or in need of guidance in taking that next step. They recognize that this market transition to the cloud requires us all to take a variant approach to how we’ve done things in the past.
To help answer the “how,” we’re excited to announce the fourth version launch of Microsoft Cloud SureStep. Based on feedback from partners, we revamped the Cloud SureStep 1-2-3 framework, enabling partners to select an online services product (e.g. Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, etc.) and, from there, hone in on the role or the function that they are responsible for (e.g., marketing, selling, deploying). Lastly, to ease navigation, we’ve aligned the assets from top to bottom based on the level of complexity (100, 200, 300+) – these are defined by the phases of Start, Grow, and Optimize.
We’ve commissioned a number of cloud experts, consultants, and partners to help build a rich set of 33 new assets aimed at helping you thrive. These span guidance on building the business for success, insight into marketing strategies that attract web centric buyers, methods to accelerate your sales process to acquire customers even faster, and resources to help you improve your services utilization.
A few of my personal favorites include:
Driving Shareholder Value – insights provided by a leading venture capital firm help you learn how your business is valued and how to maximize a cash event should you decide to sell.
Why Focus – get guidance on the importance of creating differentiation and how to approach building it into your business.
The Owner’s Dashboard – learn about the KPIs that help you manage your business in the cloud.
The Accelerated Sales Process – spanning the three distinct phases of qualify, proof, and close, we’ve built a set of resources that will help you implement this new way of driving customer acquisition.
All of these tools are available today. I invite you to take full advantage of them in building your cloud practice. For us, this is a continuous journey, and we’re constantly looking for new stories and feedback on what you need to ensure your success. Don’t be bashful in reaching out to us if there are additional tools and resources you need.
Thanks as always and happy selling!
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