A lot of Microsoft partners don’t have the experienced marketers on staff or access to the myriad of marketing tools they need to execute proper marketing campaigns. To help bridge this gap and to give our team a day in the life (or months in the life) of partners, we jumped in to help.

The Modern Marketing Makeover program was a collaboration with 5 Microsoft partners who were looking to build up their marketing skills and invest more in marketing to grow their companies. Our goal was to help them tackle a few foundational items and teach them to fish along the way. In partnership with Nurture Marketing and CX Globals, we helped these partners revamp their value propositions, revitalize their websites, and grow their business through an exciting digital marketing campaign. Here are some lessons we learned from the experience and some tips for how to make the most of your digital marketing efforts.

Breaking down modern digital marketing

Our goal was to work with these 5 partners to help them create clear, targeted value propositions that would manifest throughout their company marketing activities. In addition,

  • Flush out a marketing plan that they could use after we were gone.
  • Launch a 6-week campaign that focused on email marketing/webinar/social media as well as tools from our agency such as marketing automation for nurture and telemarketing services to drive attendance and follow up.
  • To measure the success of the program we consulted the partners monthly and actively tracked the outcomes of the changes implemented as part of their new marketing plan.
  • We sent them GoPro cameras to record their experience and set them up with a video team to capture testimonials on how they were doing with their marketing programs.

Modern Marketing Makeovers

Measuring program results and evaluating lessons learned


ONGC is an Australian managed services provider. Founder Damien Rossiter said one of the challenges they were facing was that they often didn’t know where their next deal was coming from. They realized that putting more people into outbound sales roles or telemarketing wasn’t the smartest way to address this concern.

Damien says, “We knew we had to move on our website. It was very bland, very stagnant, and didn’t provide much information…There were so many holes that we didn’t even know were there.” By going through the steps of the Modern Marketing Makeover program, ONGC was able to address many of these issues on their website and reported a significant change in their business growth.

Damien and team elected to run a social media based campaign that drove attendance to a Lunch and Learn titled “Hidden Secrets of O365” that they hosted at their offices.

“We made sure that on every page there were easily read bullet points, as well as easy navigation backwards and forwards across the site so that people didn’t hop off or lose attention. We also created a whole library of DIY videos customers can use… and added content which is interesting and searchable to help people come find us.”

As a result of the social media campaign, ONGC’s Twitter followers increased by 116%. LinkedIn and Facebook also saw an increase in followers as well as a noticeable uptick in likes on posts. ONGC’s website gained a 51% improvement in organic search traffic in response to SEO updates and enhanced website experience.

Basileia Consulting Group

Basileia Consulting Group, a managed services partner from Dana Point California took advantage of all the elements of the marketing program and saw great success with the demand generation portion of the program. Basiliea scheduled a webinar for October titled “Consolidate your world: Finally – projects Billing and Sales Management all in one cloud app”.

CEO Bill Durham said that as customer acquisition remained a challenge for them during their growth phase, Basileia needed to be more strategic in the types of customers and market segments they were targeting. They knew that their online presence played a large role in reaching the right customers.

“One of the challenges we had was that our website was getting a lot of traffic, but we weren’t getting a lot of conversions. We were getting hits for search keywords that weren’t really relevant to the services that we had, so moving to a more SEO friendly platform really helped.”

-Bill Durham, CEO, Basileia

By focusing on improving website SEO and adjusting their online messaging, Basileia was better able to funnel prospective leads through their website. Basileia now plans to continue to fine tune their messaging and the flow of the website so they can better guide customers to the appropriate call to action.

Mico Systems

Mico Systems, a managed services partner from Toronto, also participated in the full marketing makeover program. According to CEO Scott Barrett, their goals were to create an actionable marketing plan and improve marketing efforts through website optimization.

They saw really strong results from their “Hidden Secrets of Office 365” webinar which attracted more than 50 attendees, over 90% of whom stayed online for over an hour. Scott said that this led to exciting new prospects and new opportunities, but more importantly it led to the realization that this is the type of marketing strategy that Mico Systems needed to deploy regularly. They project that if they continue with their marketing plan they’ll be able to grow their managed services practice by 25%.

“To be successful in a digital transformation, we’ve identified that we need to stay on track with a weekly activity schedule, have metrics in place, and measure everything so it actually gets done.”

-Scott Barrett, CEO, Mico Systems

Innovative Corporate Solutions

Innovative Corporate Solutions, an IT consultancy from Kingston Jamaica took on the challenge of completely rebuilding their website. CEO Neil Abrahams said that they quickly realized that they needed to update their website to better align with their current offerings and services and to inspire confidence in their international customers. After completing the Modern Marketing Makeover program, Innovative now has a website that is very clear, functional, and aligned with what they do today.

“It is now our intention to do a lot more work and use our website on a day by day basis to support our selling.”

-Neil Abrahams, CEO, Innovative Corporate Solutions

In response to these changes, Innovative has seen increased traffic to their website, increased traffic to their Facebook page, and increased awareness of the solutions they offer. They also have seen increased RFPs from government entities who likely do online research prior to sending out requests. They are expecting even better results once their SEO process is complete.

Next Steps

If you are looking for some new ideas to freshen up your marketing plan, check out Smart Partner Marketing for some great tips. Remember, marketing is a work in progress. Feel free to learn and test. If something doesn’t work – try something else!

I’d love to hear your stories about what modern marketing techniques hold value for your company. Share your tips in the comments below.


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