Hello Partners,
For almost four years as WPC Experience Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to witness the Microsoft Partner ecosystem grow into an incredibly vibrant community of innovators.
It has been such a pleasure to play a first-hand role in creating the engaging, collaborative, and hopefully productive WPC experience that you, the partners, deserve. As Microsoft’s largest partner event, no other experience has been as successful as WPC at driving lasting partnerships and innovative thought within our partner community.

As challenging as it is to summarize the three greatest lessons I have learned during my time as WPC Experience Ambassador, I’d have to say the following principles will continue to provide me with inspiration:
  1. Partners’ passion is contagious and inspiring.
  2. If we work together, partners and Microsoft can change the world.
  3. We learn best from each other. Whether you are a partner or a Microsoft employee, together we find the best solutions.
All three of these lessons point to the incredible power of partnerships. My final piece of advice to both new and long-standing partners is to continue to engage in the partner community as often as possible – you will get more out of the community than you put into it.

Now it’s time for me to pass the torch to Dean Martin, our new WPC Experience Ambassador. He is thrilled to play an even greater role in ensuring that WPC continues to provide a transformative partner experience. I’m excited to see how he carries forward the momentum of WPC 2015 to inspire, activate, and drive joint business within our partner channel, and I know I’m leaving WPC in very capable hands.
As we turn our sights to WPC 2016 in Toronto, I look forward to seeing how our partner ecosystem will continue to grow over this next year. Reserve your spot now, and let’s keep changing the world.
And now for a special thank you to Kati from a few of our partners:
Kati is an enthusiastic supporter of people, their dreams and their vision to become better than they are today. For me, Kati has inspired me, mentored me and been a cheerleader as I have continued to grow and develop. Being a part of Kati’s tribe has helped me elevate my game and have fun doing it.
– Gail Mercer-MacKay, President of Mercer-MacKay Solutions

Kati, you are not only inspirational, but an example of leadership that we all dream of achieving one day. Thank you for your teachings.
– Juan Rodriguez, CEO. Integrated Digital Technologies
Kati is a trail-blazer. There are so few women in business at that level that have the vision to inspire talent and encourage people to reach heights they never thought were possible. She has given me the confidence to reach my full potential and for that I am incredibly grateful.
– Julie Simpson
Thanks, Kati, for an incredible past four years! We look forward to working more with you as the Senior Director of Community Marketing for MPN.
Stay tuned next week for a sneak peek into the world of Dean Martin, our new WPC Experience Ambassador!