What does the Microsoft ecosystem do for our company? How can we contribute to the partner community? How does it all come together? Well, the Worldwide Partner Conference plays a big part. As COO of EDI Gateway, I know first hand the benefits that come from attending this invaluable conference.

At WPC, partners are able to connect and discuss a myriad of industry-relevant subjects. And those brainstorms lead to ideas that we can all learn from. Regardless of your core competency, or your background, there’s a wealth of information and countless opportunities to learn at WPC breakout sessions, round-tables and partner panels.
Of course, the ability of Microsoft’s ecosystem to positively impact companies goes well beyond WPC. And we can all contribute to the partner community in events year-round—both online or in person. For example, we showcased our technology and shared some of our knowledge at a recent Microsoft and partner event. Our presentation, “How to create an EDI Platform on Azure,” made for a positive interactive experience. We passed along our insight—and enjoyed hearing other partners’ ideas. 
These events are key in keeping us connected to the latest industry innovations. But everything seems to come together at WPC. This year’s conference is being held in Toronto July 8–12. I recommend you join me there. You’ll learn a lot about vital topics such as cloud, collaboration, and Pinpoint. You’ll discover essential marketing tips. Plus, you’ll have the chance to create opportunities for your business.  
I know I speak for my company when I say how excited we are to attend WPC. I know we’ll return from Toronto enriched with information that will help us improve our strategies and create opportunities. I’m particularly looking forward to partnering with some of you on Supply Chain Management and Business Intelligence projects—or on any mutually beneficial opportunities. After all, that’s what WPC is all about.
It seems the more I get involved in the Microsoft ecosystem, the more I’m developing, well, a bit of a crush on this powerful and enlightening community. But shhh… don’t tell!
What do you derive from the Microsoft ecosystem? How do you contribute to the community? I look forward to hearing from you!
– Sophie​