Approximately 1,600 of you create individual Learning Plans and about 500 of you create team Learning Plans each month. Earlier this year, we hosted a live webcast about our Learning Paths and Plans. During that time, we mentioned we had plans to update the tool. I’m happy to tell you that we’ve made updates and improvements in response to your requests.
As a recap, there are two learning tools available to you:
  • Learning Paths, which are lists of training content curated by experts here at Microsoft – they’re designed to help you achieve a specific goal such as learn a new solution, study for a certification exam, etc.


  • Learning Plans, which are groups of Learning Paths put together just for your individual or team needs. For example, you may set up a Plan for new hires to learn about all things cloud. You could add Paths such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to your Plans.
The recent updates affect the Plans tool. Here’s an overview of the new features you will now experience when you log into Learning Plans:
  • Quick Access Library – This library puts key, cloud-focused trainings at the top of the list. We’ll keep this section updated, so you can always find the newest high-priority trainings and assessments. For example, right now the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online competency training is available, as well as a new Azure Sales Specialist path. And, when available, we will add Windows 10 training and assessments. (Note: to see the Quick Access Library you must be logged in to the Learning Plan tool using your MPN log-in.)


  • Add single assets to Learning Plans – You can now add any training Path to your Plans, and assign this training to your team for a customized learning experience.


  • Find people in your organization and assign learning materials to them – The new pop-up “Look Up Users” feature shows all of the people in your Partner Network company. You can scroll through the list and select people to assign to Plans.


  • Send assignments to just one learner, not to everyone – This fix addresses a common scenario: when you want to alert just one new learner of a training asset rather than re-sending the Plan to your entire organization. Now you can add just one person to a Plan and assign it directly to him or her.


  • Find lost Learning Plan assignment emails – We’ve now given you a way to quickly re-send a Learning Plan to team members. We’ve also added step-by-step instructions to assist those who are new to the Microsoft Partner Network association process. You can find complete details about the Learning Plan improvements in this document.
At any time you can read more about each of the features listed above as well as other enhancements. We hope these improvements will accelerate your ability to create Learning Plans targeted to your company’s needs and give you added flexibility. We welcome your feedback as you try these new features; please send email to with your suggestions, comments, and questions.
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