​As we move to the cloud, sales skills and the traditional sales pitch are evolving. We’re moving from the traditional transactional sell where we used to talk about features to the solution selling that demands more of a business consultant skill. Not everyone is on the same path of their Microsoft Office 365 partner sales journey.
The Office 365 Drumbeat training is designed to help you Start, Grow, and Optimize your Office 365 sales capability. The Drumbeat journey helps born-in-the-cloud partners as well as partners who have never sold a cloud solution.
Drumbeat Start focuses on knowing the product and articulating its value – which is foundational to the Office 365 sale.  As Margie Gradwohl from Office 365 says, “Drumbeat Start provides the foundation of Office 365 and instills partners with the skill set to begin selling Office 365.” 
Drumbeat Grow provides tools and opportunities to refine and extend your sales skills with the goal of transforming the customer discussion from product conversations into insightful, profitable, solution-based business discussions. Interactive activities help you learn to assess customer business needs and create a customized, compelling Office 365 pitch, tailored to address unique customer challenges.
Start is the place to begin this journey. Drumbeat Start training is a part of the Office 365 Summits and in many local Microsoft local offices. If you are someone who prefers on-demand sales learning, then the new online Drumbeat Start training is for you.
This on-demand video training series is available for you to take at your convenience. You can choose to take it all at once or break it down into sections. In four weeks, you can cover the nine, information-packed courses at your own pace.
  • Week 1 – What is Office 365: its economic value—to you and to your customers
  • Week 2 – High-energy sales pitch and how you can handle customer objections effectively
  • Week 3 – In-depth guidance to ease your move to value-added services and support
  • Week 4 – Competitive insight that differentiates Office 365 from the pack
Register now to have this on-demand video training at your fingertips.
When you take the Office Drumbeat training, you join others on their journey to the new selling capability. You can share, question, and discuss Office 365 with your fellow travelers by joining the Office 365 Partner Yammer Community now. Grow your skills and your Office 365 practice.

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