I know you’ve heard it before, but I’m just too excited to hold back—the SMB cloud opportunity is massive, and continues to grow. I want you to be a part of it!

So how can you get in on such a great opportunity?  As you know, customers who have confidence in your expertise are more willing to invest in the technology solutions that you recommend. But it’s not always easy to earn this confidence–that’s why we’ve added the new Small Business competency to our lineup. Achieving this new competency is a great way to differentiate your business as small business expert!
The Small Business competency is like a Microsoft stamp of approval that tells customers that you have the know-how to translate their needs into money-saving solutions that boost their productivity–and your revenue!  From my keyboard to your computer screen: there truly is no better time to be a small business partner!
And, if you act quickly, you can earn your Silver Small Business competency for just US $999 (or country equivalent; see terms and conditions). Visit us at the Small Business competency kiosk to earn more about our limited-time offer, the two-for-one-exam offer just for WPC attendees, as well as  other great information that can help you maximize profitability.
I can’t wait to share more insights with you at the event; be sure to attend my session: “Build on Cloud Opportunity with Small Business competency” at WPC 2012. I also highly recommend that you attend these really great sessions:
  • “SMB: Accelerating Growth through Change and Innovation” 
  • ​“Selling to SMB: Delivering Today” 
  • “Building for Tomorrow” 
  • “Building a Profitable Cloud Business – Real Stories from the Partner Ecosystem” 
  • “Evolution and Innovation in Distribution”
Want to learn more? Visit me and the rest of the Small Business competency launch team at the Small Business competency kiosk at WPC (MTCC Level 800). See you there!
- Arnold Bogaards​