As the oldest and largest criminal defense law firm in Florida, with over 200 years of combined experience, Robbins, Tunkey, Ross PA knew that it was time to investigate their options to leverage evolving technology to better serve their clients. In particular, Joe Nascimento, Attorney At Law, with the firm, could see the potential that technology held in improving their data management and communications.

As the practice expanded, Joe needed to support his increasing mobile tendencies so he could get the information he needed quickly to make better decisions faster.  In addition to this, of utmost importance was the protection of client information on the mobile devices now used across the firm.  As a criminal defense law firm, they pride themselves on being there for clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
From a business standpoint, the biggest priority was to reduce risk and operating costs.  They wanted to reduce spend on IT infrastructure and support by consolidating communications systems and leveraging the cloud.  They could not expose themselves to downtime, and they knew that leveraging cloud services and redundant solution architecture would help with this.  And, again, data protection was of the utmost importance, so they were looking for a means to protect data by encrypting it all the time.
That’s when Joe called us. ConQuest Technology Services is based in Miami, Florida and we have national reach. Joe told us that since the firm offered 24×7 availability it was imperative that service remained available 100% of the time as inexpensively as possible.  After our first meeting, he realized that our certified professionals have a deep knowledge in technologies like Microsoft Office 365 cloud services, Microsoft Windows Azure, Microsoft Exchange and the powerful new unified communications suite: Microsoft Lync.  He knew that working with us, he could accomplish this and dramatically improve the firm’s objectives with dedicated, trusted, always available support services.
Joe had a vision of how he wanted the business to operate, and he knew that the way to accomplish it would be through using Microsoft Exchange as a hosted service.  The advantages of this approach for organizations that want to leverage the benefits of Exchange are that uptime of the Exchange infrastructure can be very high and the cost of managing Exchange can be reduced significantly.
Similar to the majority of law firms practicing today, Robbins, Tunkey, Ross PA did not have the expertise or an in-house, dedicated IT resource.  We were quick to assure Joe that the use of a hosted Exchange service would allow them to focus on their clients, not their IT infrastructure. Knowing that we would serve as a remote third party provider managing all backend services for a flat monthly per user fee was also a big reassurance for him.
Another issue that Joe wanted to get control over was management of data.  He indicated that many of their documents were stored all over the office– some even housed on individual associate’s desktops, saved in email messages, or worse, only paper copies were available.
He knew there had to be a better option. Also, because of the chaos in managing the paper flow in the office, he knew that they needed a better plan to manage their data.  He knew if they didn’t find a solution soon they would face unmanaged, exponential data growth, higher costs and greater risk.
That’s when we discussed SharePoint. I knew from the first three pain points that Joe cited that SharePoint would resolve his documentation management needs, plus provide even greater value and cost savings.  SharePoint delivers both a high quality solution that stimulates and delivers user participation, and the tools for highly secure, well-managed content.  With SharePoint, companies democratize content management, and improve organizations, by providing content management to all employees and compliance across all documents.

This leads to better, faster and more secure processes that can be managed through a familiar environment, integrated into business collaboration infrastructure, and built on a trusted and extensible platform.  So, in essence, Joe benefits from driving participation across all employees to avoid chaos and end-user resistance, ensuring compliance by avoiding risk by controlling unmanaged content, and including Social content. And best of all, he saves costs by avoiding the high costs of unnecessary point solutions.
Jon Sastre
CEO and President
ConQuest Technology Services
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