Hello partners!


Re-reading Jon Roskill’s blog post ​about the recent launch of Windows Server 2012 has me thinking about all the opportunities for partners in the cloud. Fortunately, Windows Server 2012 and the Partner Network offer many ways you can get your cloud business off the ground—and ensure its success.
The fact is, practically everyone in the industry is talking about the cloud in some way or another, yet many customers are still struggling with the cost and complexity associated. They want to move to the cloud, but they’re uncertain. They don’t want to land in the same place as many have with traditional on-premises, or even virtualized systems. They want their move to the cloud to increase their flexibility, not hinder it.
Microsoft believes that the real move is ultimately to a hybrid world, with customers investing across physical, virtual, and cloud models. What’s so exciting about Windows Server 2012 is that it enables you to deliver on this promise. The bottom line: You can build a stronger cloud business with Windows Server 2012 than with competitors’ offerings. That’s where the Partner Network comes in. We’re here to ensure that you have everything you need to make your transition to the cloud a smooth one.
I encourage you to take a look at the IDC Cloud Transition Series, which is featured on the Cloud Solutions page on the Partner Portal. It’s written specifically for Microsoft partners, and provides useful recommendations for partner organizations of all sizes, whether you’re just starting your cloud business or you’re already established. And the Windows Server 2012 Partner Opportunity presentation helps contextualize the cloud opportunity around the server of choice to run some of the world’s largest data centers.
WPC is taking the lead in the cloud conversation as well. In Toronto, a dozen or more sessions focused on the cloud opportunity. This week, I revisited Jon Roskill’s vision keynote address​ from day 3 at WPC. It does an excellent job of tying together this year’s amazing product releases, the cloud opportunity, and how the Partner Network is going to help you make the most of it. His enthusiasm about the possibilities is pretty infectious!