Over the last many years the most important yearly event for me and our organization is WPC and we start planning well ahead to ensure we get the most out of it. Houston in 2013 is going to be my fifth WPC. Beginning in the new year I start with my planning for the conference. I start off by ensuring I am already pre-registered for the event with a great discount rate. There is still time left until the end of this month for all partners to register at a discounted rate. You can register here.

For those partners who have never attended WPC before, there is value for all of us, something to takeaway, and last but not least an invaluable opportunity to get the necessary insight required to plan for the year ahead with Microsoft. For those partners who are attending and feeling like me, you should start planning your time, meetings, and schedules now. To ensure that my team has the best experience possible we book via digitalwpc.com where the assigned hotels and their locations are made available. Planning ahead ensures us the best experience possible in terms of logistics and it also allows us plenty of time to make connections with our peer partners.
Another piece of advice I would like to share for other partners is to be sure you book your flights and hotel as soon as you can and to plan to arrive one day ahead of the conference— i.e. 6th July, to allow yourself time to check in and get acclimated to the venue and of course, rest from your travel!
I am still getting value out of the final episode of MPN Live available on DigitalWPC where we recapped the top five takeaways, and now six months after that, I really feel how relevant the conference was to my business.
For more insights on how I prepared for last year’s conference, please check out my blog.
I am planning to share more in coming weeks, but wanted to give all my fellow partners a heads up to start planning now!
Team India and other collegues from Microsoft and the rest of the world.
With Eric Ligman- Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Microsoft Executives.
Kevin Turner was delivering his keynote! Boy he was inspiring and shared great
vision which is one of the keys for us in our recent success at Bitscape.

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