Our bi-annual Partner Advisory Council (PAC) event took place last week – an occasion I eagerly look forward to every year. This is a time when more than 200 partners have the opportunity to join the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group and other business product groups to have open and candid discussions about our strategic direction. As in past years, I found the feedback to be highly valuable and insightful – helping us shape our business and technical roadmap and ensuring we meet the needs of our partner community and ultimately, their customers.

The PAC week comprised 12 separate sessions covering a wide array of topics including business intelligence (BI), core infrastructure, and productivity, and through specific business models such as ISV and SI. There was also a WPC executive board and a number of special focus areas, key among them partners serving the small business market. I spent most of my time attending the WPC executive board, but did have the opportunity to present our marketing strategy to a number of the PACs. I received plenty of rich feedback with a main focus being placed on the desire for more social media and community opportunities. The good news is that we have plans in place to enhance Digital WPC and as mentioned previously you’ll be aware we are in the middle of launching a new partner portal.
I certainly got the message about the need for better WiFi and improved food this year in Toronto. We’ve heard this on numerous occasions and rest assured – we are acting upon this feedback. For whatever reason, there seems to be a strong desire out there for soup – so if you want to see this on our menu – let me know! J
Jon Roskill, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, attended each and every PAC, addressing his top business issues and receiving great counsel from partners on areas needing improvement.
Ross Brown, Vice President of Partner Strategy, hosting a session on “Competing to Win”​