For decades, Microsoft has championed your ambitions and been committed to nurturing partners’ business potential. We’ve grown from a small company to one of the world’s largest – and partners play a large role in that success. Put simply: partnership is in our company’s DNA.
To celebrate our long history of winning together, I invite you to take a journey through time and explore key moments in our shared history while hearing from fellow partners about their long-standing relationships with Microsoft.
Technology has changed; the world has changed, but our commitment to partners’ success has not, and will not. Today, we are celebrating our rich past with you and our future together.
In 1993, the first photo of Mars was taken by the Mars Observer, and at the same time, TOPS Business Consulting became a Microsoft partner. What was true then is still true now. While technology and trends have changed, our shared goal remains the same. Best summarized by Ilia Panteleev, CEO of TOPS, “The main goal is the satisfaction of our customer."
I’m sure you have your own story. When did you form your business? Do you remember what was happening in the world and technology at that time? If you are just starting out, seek inspiration from the many partners than went before you.

Another example is Solidsoft, that formed some 20 years ago as a core infrastructure partner and then became recognized as Application Integration Partner of the Year several years ago. They have now transformed their business and were awarded Cloud Partner of the Year for 2013. Technology and Solidsoft’s business focus had changed, but the partnership with Microsoft remained a constant.

Business partnership is personal. Together, Microsoft and our partners form a network of innovation at the forefront of solving customers’ problems for today’s world, while also preparing for tomorrow. Join In. It just might be the best business decision you’ll ever make.