Ask partners what network benefit they value most and the majority will say the internal-use software. But beyond the software there are key core benefits that can help you save time and money, strengthen your capabilities and better serve your customers. 

Recently, IDC did a study that valued the “core” set of benefits partners receive. Core benefits are those provided to all network members each time they enroll or renew (there are also competency-specific benefits, which vary). IDC believes that a 50-person Microsoft partner organization with approximately US$5-10M in revenue and 2–5 competencies can realize US$320,000 in value directly attributable to MPN benefit utilization[1]. And based on my own estimates, I think that might even be a bit conservative! In either case, I think most partners will agree that the benefits far exceed the cost of membership.

It was great to see partner comments in the white paper. Here, a person praises the MSDN subscription:

"Those are all the tools that all our developers need. They use the 
forums and discussions too, they are really engaged.  This is the 
developer’s first stop."
Another partner touts the Partner Marketing Center:
"I love the idea of having customer ready materials with the key
messages… The concept is perfect for a company our size, we
don’t have internal marketing people and I don’t want to pay a lot
to external people. "
And this one speaks highly of business investment funds (BIF), which varies by subsidiary:
​"BIF is great, BIF is amazing. SIP is the icing on the cake but BIF
is really our bread and butter. The money goes directly against a
certain workload. About a year ago, we decided to open a dedicated
SMB business unit focusing on cloud. BIF is instrumental for proof
of concept (POC) funding for Office 365. We got $2K in BIF for a
Cloud POC project and $15K for a bigger project."
A number of these quotes were provided by Canadian partners – clearly they really know how to make the most of their benefits!
The great thing about core benefits is that they’re open to all partners within a qualifying membership, are available in most regions of the world, and are provided in a minimum of 11 languages.
Surprisingly, some partners have told us that they knowingly "leave money on the table” by not learning more about the benefits available. All it takes is a mere 10 minutes to peruse the IDC white paper—then another few minutes to check out your local partner benefits portal page. We understand that time is precious for everyone—but in this case, it’s well worth investing a few minutes to make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership!
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[1] IDC. “The Business Value of the Microsoft Partner Network Core Benefits.” Mira Perry, Steve White. June 2012​