Gavriella Schuster

Some of the most talked about presentations at Microsoft Inspire are the daily Corenotes delivered by our leading Microsoft executives. These addresses to the partner community preview Microsoft’s direction in the coming year, in terms of technological innovation, solution strategy, and go-to-market initiatives. Just as importantly, the Corenotes inspire us by placing the work that we do in a global context, demonstrating how we can collectively be a force for positive change. It was during his 2014 Corenote presentation that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella first outlined the Microsoft mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

This year’s Corenotes will again be an exciting and energizing experience for thousands of Microsoft Inspire attendees. I am proud to announce the outstanding line-up of speakers, which includes:

  • Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft  Twitter
  • Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft Twitter
  • Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft Twitter
  • Jason Zander, Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Azure Team in the Cloud and AI Group at Microsoft Twitter
  • Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications and Global Industry at Microsoft
  • Anand Eswaran, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Enterprise Twitter
  • Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Platform at Microsoft Twitter
  • Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365 Marketing at Microsoft Twitter
  • Yusef Medhi, Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft Twitter

I will also have the pleasure of delivering one of this year’s Corenote addresses, focusing on the incredible growth opportunity we have before us, and how we can lean on our longstanding partnerships to accelerate the digital transformation of our customers.

For additional information on the Corenotes, and speaker profiles, please visit our Sessions and Speakers page.

A shared Corenote for the entire Microsoft community

The Corenotes will take place at the T-Mobile Arena on the mornings of Monday, July 16, Tuesday, July 17, and Wednesday, July 18. Monday morning will officially kick-off the Microsoft Inspire presentations, as I welcome you to Las Vegas. We will then hear from Judson Althoff and Brad Smith. Jason Zander will focus on Azure, the hybrid cloud opportunity and the expanding role of AI in computing, while Alysa Taylor and Anand Eswaran, share their deep insight from the industry perspective.  I will close the General Session on Tuesday focusing on how Microsoft is connecting partners with millions of customers and ways partners can capitalize on the new frontier of Digital Transformation. Our concluding Corenote on Wednesday will be a truly special event, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will address a joint audience of attendees from both Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready, the annual Microsoft sales, marketing, and technical fiscal kick-off.  Our partners and employees hearing the same message together will ensure that everyone in the global Microsoft community shares the same vision for the coming year.

Highlights from last year’s Corenotes

It is always energizing to look back at past year presentations and see how far we have come.  Last year. Satya Nadella introduced Microsoft 365, and discussed how both global enterprises and small business can take advantage of the approximate US$4.5 trillion digital transformation opportunity. Brad Smith outlined our commitment to integrating advanced security capabilities into all Microsoft solutions, and to working closely with partners to protect the digital rights of all the world’s citizens. Judson Althoff described the four pillars of digital transformation that empower organizations to re-envision their business: engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products.  I launched One Commercial Partner to strengthen our partnerships by building solutions together, creating a framework to take those solutions to market, and joining forces to sell your solutions and services to customers.

You can watch video excerpts from last year’s Corenotes to get inspired as you prepare to join us in Las Vegas.

Register for Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas is only a month away, and we can hardly wait. It will be a full week of learning, networking, and celebrating partnership. The co-location of Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready will create more opportunities for partners and employees to make meaningful connections, align goals and strategies, and accelerate growth and digital transformation for customers. You’ll also experience new solutions firsthand and connect with various Microsoft communities in The Commons, gain insights from our speakers line-up of industry leaders and innovators, and be able to choose from a wide variety of breakout sessions covering the solutions, strategies, and partner opportunities of greatest relevance to your business.

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