This series of blog posts features interviews with incredible women in the Microsoft Partner Channel. The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is becoming “the” place for women in the channel to meet, network, mentor and grow. Focussed around our IAMCP Women in Technology (WIT) community, the WIT Mission Statement is to “connect the creative, innovative and hardworking women in the Microsoft eco-system for the purpose of providing mutual support in achieving professional and personal goals and to attract and retain women into careers in information technology.”

This month, meet globe-trotting entrepreneur Annette Wilde who has run a successful Microsoft business for 20 years.

Who Are You:
Annette Wilde – Co-Owner of Planimetron, Microsoft ISV. We have been building applications for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate for 20 years. Our solutions are delivered on premise and in the cloud through Azure.
My partner in business is also my partner in life. We met when we were both at Touche Ross (now Deloitte) and realized we could make something great together. And it has worked. We have a wonderful business and along the way produced two amazing children. Our sons are both in university now and they provide us with some of our greatest joy.
A Cool Fact:
We encourage diversity in our mix of employees. We especially promote gender diversity and have encouraged women in IT to pursue careers in programming and project management with us. At one point, 80% of our programmers were women. Diversity has enabled us to see multiple sides to every situation. These many different points of view promote outside the box thinking when solving problems or building product.
What Woman was Your Biggest Influence and Why?
Nalini Mhatre, Psychologist.  She came alone from India to establish herself in Canada in the early 60’s.  Settling in a small town, she faced small-town thinking but it never became an obstacle for her. Instead, she broke down barriers and collected admirers. She taught me never to fear ignorance, difficulty or stigma and instead to focus on excellence, trustworthiness and making things happen.
Favourite Moment in Business:
Referral calls. When a customer moves to another company and discovers that they don’t have our solution and they “just can’t do their job” without it.
We used to sell our solutions only in North America but one day, one of our customers bought a company in Spain and wanted our product installed there. We had to solve localization with multi-lingual, multi-measurement challenges and it opened up the opportunity to sell to the world. Now we have clients everywhere including China.
Favourite Moment in Life:
Sitting down for dinner with my family or taking them with me on my global adventures – we have explored some amazing places together.
Why Do You Attend the Microsoft World Partner Conference?
I am enamoured with the international flavour of the conference.  One moment I am sitting with a Swede, the next with people from Peru.  Equally important for me is the overall atmosphere of integrity and purposefulness around running my business as a Microsoft Partner. I come back totally inspired.
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