You probably know that the new Intelligent Systems competency is now available, but did you know that there is a new Intelligent Systems Development and Deployment training course and technical assessment in the Partner Learning Center?

Why should I take this training?
This training course is designed to give you a foundational perspective on intelligent systems. It can also advance your technical ability to develop and deploy end-to-end intelligent systems solutions that address the Internet of Things, using Windows Embedded and other Microsoft technologies.

For a basic understanding of what an intelligent system is, and how important industry devices are, consider taking just the first two modules.

For a complete understanding at a 100 level, I suggest you take the whole course. This covers Windows Embedded as well as other Microsoft solutions and services areas, including cloud, business intelligence, and systems management. This can help you develop or deploy intelligent systems solutions to solve real-world customer requirements.

Intelligent Systems competency requirements
This new course is part of the recommended training designed to help you study for the technical assessment, which is required for attaining the Intelligent Systems competency. There are also required certification exams that members of your partner organization will need to pass in order to complete this new Microsoft competency’s requirements.
Check out the Intelligent Systems competency learning path for System Integration partners – it provides a roadmap of recommended and required training, certification exams, and assessments for the Intelligent Systems competency.
While you’re reviewing the learning path, don’t forget that you can also create your own learning plan in the Microsoft Partner Network, and track your attainment towards a competency in the Partner Membership Center. This can help you facilitate the competency attainment process for your team.

Additional resources
Are you hoping to attain the new Intelligent Systems competency? Qualifying partners may receive 40% off the cost of exams required to fulfill the requirements. Get details about the Exam Pack offer.