​Continuing our coverage of partners whose practices and successes are inspiring, we’re going to take a look at a Washington D.C.-area company with a passion for using technology to improve lives.

Helping Patients through Technology
The star in the spotlight today is Get Real Consulting—a Microsoft Certified Partner, solution-provider, and consulting firm based in Rockville, MD. With an emphasis on developing leading-edge solutions for the healthcare field, Get Real is using Microsoft technologies to positively impact the lives of patients. Their expertise with Microsoft’s HealthVault, in particular, has earned them a reputation as an industry leader when it comes to healthcare innovation.
Connected Health
Their flagship product, InstantPHR, is a terrific example of why Get Real stands at the forefront of the connected health movement. InstantPHR is a HealthVault-connected, multi-faceted virtual toolkit that allows patients to create and customize healthcare applications. Users can do everything from manage their medication and track personal medical information online, to schedule appointments with their doctor. Its value to patients and healthcare providers alike has caused InstantPHR has become a key offering in the technological revolution in patient management.
In another example of their drive to push healthcare into a better future, Get Real recently collaborated with the MedStar Diabetes Institute (MDI)—part of the MedStar Health Research Institute. Their mission was to create eHealth2go, a patient-centric personal health record (PHR) application based on HealthVault, and deploy it among an inner city population. Participants in the program used MDI to track their self-care and provide the data directly to their healthcare providers. The program yielded such compelling results that Microsoft recognized MDI with a 2011 Microsoft Health Users Group (HUG) Innovation award, and the group also received the 2011 Promising Practice Award of Excellence at the 4th American Diabetes Association Disparities Forum.
Worldwide Reach
Get Real Consulting is reaching across borders, partnering with organizations like the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), a British provider of mental health services, and Canadian telecom company TELUS, to deliver their trademark excellence in the realm of Microsoft-enabled solutions to patients and healthcare groups wherever they’re needed. Take a look at this impressive list of their projects for many more examples of the innovative solutions they’ve developed for their clients throughout the healthcare industry.
Get Real Consulting is truly impacting lives on a personal—and global—level with their work.
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