Microsoft partners are a vital part of our business, often acting as the face of our technologies as you bring them to our mutual customers. As part of this important relationship, we trust you to do business the right way, and we appreciate your continued excellence on this front. We all know that not doing business correctly puts all of us at unnecessary risk. There are a few points that are particularly important to us that I wanted to bring back to your attention as we renew our commitments to each other this fiscal year.  

The first is, remember to take anti-corruption training. As you are aware, Partners are always expected to comply with anti-corruption laws. For those of you who might not have access to your own training, we have made our training freely available to all partners so you are able to take ours. You are also always welcome to do your own training as well. These laws and principles apply to all companies, not just Microsoft, so they will help you through all of your business dealings. It is a key policy of Microsoft to engage and deal only with trustworthy representatives.
Another important thing to remember is to maintain proof of execution. The purpose of proof of execution is to account for the value delivered by our partners (services delivered to customers), for which we compensate them. This supports and evidences the good work you do.
Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of retaining accurate books and records. We entrust you to do business the right way and failing to do so will, again, put you and Microsoft at unacceptable risk. Keeping clear records is necessary to document how we do business.
This is an exciting time at Microsoft, and you, our partners are a critical part of our mutual success. We value the work you do for our joint customers, and we are invested in your success. We want to ensure that you’re aware of the best practices and steps you can take in order to find success, and to maintain it.  
I look forward to working with you in the year ahead!​