I’m thrilled to be returning to Microsoft WPC in 2013 where I’ll discuss the latest strategies to grow your business using real-time content that people will be eager to share via social media. If you’ve heard me in previous years, there’s more! In fact the tools and techniques to generate attention for your business have evolved so much that I have a new 4th edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, my international bestseller now in its third edition with more than 300,000 copies sold in over 25 languages from Bulgarian to Vietnamese releasing the same week as WPC! For example, since I last spoke at WPC, marketing using images has exploded. So I’ve added a section in The New Rules of Marketing and PR on highly visual social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, as well as the use of Infographics and I’ll share this in my WPC talk.

While there is new material, what hasn’t changed is that the Web provides tremendous opportunities to reach your buyers directly, and I’ll show you how to harness that power. I’ll also discuss the pitfalls.
There used to be only three ways to get noticed: buy expensive advertising, beg the mainstream media to tell your story for you, or hire a huge sales staff to bug people individually about your products. Now we have a better option: publishing interesting content on the Web—content that your buyers want to consume. The tools of the marketing and PR trade have changed. The skills that worked off-line to help you buy or beg or bug your way into opportunity are the skills of interruption and coercion. Online success comes from thinking like a journalist and a thought leader.
I’ll also talk about the biggest barrier in implementing these ideas. It’s the four-letter word that begins with “F”. No, not that one! It’s FEAR. And managing your fear of new ways to promote your business is the first step to success.
I look forward to seeing you in Houston!