​Your WPG partner marketing team is firing on all cylinders. This has been another whirlwind week and I’ve got some great new resources ready to show you.

Global Marketing Operations and WPG Partner Marketing are proud to share the launch of the first wave of new next-generation MPN Portals in the following locations:
APAC   Bangladesh
APAC   Sri Lanka
LATAM Jamaica
MEA     Gulf
MEA     Saudi Arabia
MEA     Africa English
MEA     Egypt

These ten new sites provide a brand new online experience for partners across Latam, APAC and MEA regions, and they’re the first of many.
The next-generation MPN portal delivers a completely new online experience.. It’s the result of extensive research, deep understanding of the critical tasks facing partners, user scenario-focused strategic planning, partner feedback, and companywide execution.
Enabling a great online relationship between Microsoft and its partners underlines this message: a partnership with Microsoft is the best business decision.  The new MPN Portals deliver a whole new set of features and capabilities, including:
  • Brand new design. The new MPN Portal has been redesigned from the ground up based on partner usage data and direct input, as well as best-in-class online principles aligning to the One Microsoft framework.
  • Personalization. A new personalization engine tailors content in response to partner profile attributes. This new capability enables marketers to boost their content relevance and helps partners optimize their experience and relationship with Microsoft.
Not resting on our laurels, we’ve also soft-launched DWPC: the new Digital Worldwide Partner Community site at www.digitalwpc.com.  

I’m really excited about DWPC, which integrates our worldwide partner community with a robust reference center for WPC 2012 attendees. The result is an “always on” community fueled by rich storytelling from our partners.

Just more incentive to come check out everything that’s happening online for Microsoft partners.
Let me know what you think!