Hello partners!


Next week, our team will be heading down to Houston for a site-visit and to continue our planning activities. I look forward to sharing more about our visit with you next week. When we met back in July, in Toronto, we launched an exciting conversation for this fiscal year that reflected the unprecedented time of change we’re living in right now, how our world is being defined by the speed of change, and how this leads to more valuable opportunities for you.

One of the things that really resonated with me is the notion of the power of we. I’m inspired by the idea that partners are the engine that drives how far Microsoft technologies and services reach in the market, and into our mutual customers’ businesses. But you’re also the key to igniting this new era. That’s what those of us in the Partner Network and WPC are fired up about. We believe that together, there is nothing Microsoft and its partners can’t achieve. That is the power of we.
So, how does all of this translate into those opportunities I mentioned? First, your success is always our first priority. IDC believes that in aggregate, there is US$320,000 in value directly attributable to a partner’s utilization of Microsoft Partner Network benefits. We will always work to ensure that you have access to the information, technology, support, and—of course—people that can help you achieve this incredible business growth.
Second, Microsoft is refreshing many products in its portfolio over the next 18 months, which opens even more new possibilities to grow your business and serve your customers. We’ve already seen this begin to happen over the past eight weeks or so, most recently with the Windows 8 launch last week and news about Windows Phone 8 earlier this week.  And you’re already using Windows Server 2012 to address the demand for anywhere, anytime access to apps and data through a people-centric approach.  In coming months, there will be launches for Microsoft Office 365 Open, which allows you to increase cloud revenue by truly owning the customer relationship.
Third, the network is about connection and collaboration. The power of we isn’t just about you and Microsoft. It’s about forming and nurturing profitable relationships with other partners, or just learning from each other.  With 10,000 gold partners, 25,000 silver partners, and 35,000 Cloud Partners, the opportunities are massive—and virtually limitless. That’s because together, you’re better equipped to take on evolving business challenges, work with larger customer organizations, and deliver complete, end-to-end solutions.
To me, the bottom line is that this is your time. All you have to do is embrace it. Let this new wave of Microsoft products—and Partner Network training, support, and resources—inspire your apps, your services, your capabilities, and your creativity. Change the world by building innovative solutions that deliver results for your customers. And, don’t forget to tell me your success story by providing your contact information in the comments section below.