At Amaxra we decided to become a partner because we believe in Microsoft’s products, we’re all about productivity on the Microsoft platform. We like to say we live and breathe this technology. We run our office on Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online. When we want to offer a new solution, we find a way to use the technology ourselves, we learn to leverage the tools, and then we’re ready to sell it. When we say to a customer that we recommend a product, it’s because we truly do. We know how to integrate it, we’re passionate about it, and we can show you why you’ll be passionate about it too.
Very recently we had yet another reason to evangelize the Microsoft cloud. We had been in our offices for four years, and it wasn’t a perfect situation, but we had gotten comfortable, we were making it work, even though the building was old and didn’t even have an elevator. Well, as anyone in the tech industry knows, as soon as you start feeling comfortable, you’re in trouble. The building’s owners decided to increase the rent by 40%, and suddenly we weren’t as comfortable any more. It was just before Christmas, and we had four and a half weeks to figure it out or pay a double-new-rent penalty (!), so we had to make a decision fast!
We huddled up to talk about it, and we pretty quickly realized it wasn’t going to be that hard for us to move. We have no servers, no paper files or heavy filing cabinets to move; as a small business, everything we do is served by online product versions such as Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online. We already do a remote working day every Friday because our staff requested it, and we have Lync for our meetings. Our only requirement was Internet access (and an elevator!). Once we had that at our new premises, we could move. If you’ve been to the Pacific Northwest in winter, you’ll know days without rain are a bit rare, so we were thrilled to realize we were so far ahead of schedule – because there’s so little prep work needed when you don’t have physical filing cabinets and servers to move – that we could take advantage of a good weather window and move two days early. We picked up our laptops, drove to the new offices, and were immediately fully operational because everything is in the cloud. Our phones and email worked, our services worked, and we had access to all our files. The hardest job went to the poor guys who had to move the photocopier.
It’s a lighthearted story, but it showcases a very serious advantage: when your business is in the cloud, it takes away a lot of worries. We’ve always been in the cloud, even before the term “cloud” existed. When I started Amaxra seven years ago, I insisted on trying “this hosted thing” and not having a server – I didn’t want to worry about back-ups, server crashes, etc. And it’s always worked for us. We joke that our disaster recovery plan is to go to Starbucks!
We think it’s important to spread stories like these, to help customers understand the value of the cloud. We’ve found that if we tell a great story around one of our solutions, it naturally leads to more conversation, leaving us open to ask what business issues customers are facing that we might be able to help solve. As long as they don’t ask us to move their photocopier.
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