Pitching. It’s part science, part art.
In a baseball pitch, the pitcher must calculate the speed and direction that he throws the ball; but he does so with grace and fluidity—the ball perfectly arcing toward the plate.
In a sales pitch, the pitcher must persuade his customer to buy. He must precisely arrange his questions so the facts—the benefits of the product or solution—address the customer’s business needs. He must do so carefully, artfully steering the conversation. He must perfectly arc the pitch, from beginning to the end, rather than hitting the customer over the head with a “Buy Now” message.
Whether in a baseball or sales context, perfecting a pitch takes concentration and practice. To get better, you must study, observe, learn from mistakes, and try again.
How Do Perfect Your Pitch? Study the Experts
I encourage you to practice your pitch by using our Pitch Perfect resources. Each video in the series enacts a mock conversation between a sales person and a prospective client. The videos demonstrate how a conversation might play out. You can watch as the sales person opens the conversation, asks smart questions that draw out the customer’s needs, then shifts into showcasing how the product or solution can help address customer challenges; finally, you see the conversation close successfully.
Similar videos have been used internally at Microsoft for years, and we are excited to make these available to you, our partners.
Currently we have Pitch Perfect videos for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as Microsoft Azure.
Practice Your Pitch
You can also put your knowledge to the test, before you get in front of customers, through new real-world interactive learning resources. These aren’t traditional “read and digest” learning modules; they’re short, role-playing games that help you improve your pitch by testing your knowledge in a fun, engaging manner that provides you with real-time feedback.
Each of these simulator activities is based on the Pitch Perfect video content. You star as the sales person and test your pitching skill in a real-world role-play. Once you’ve viewed the video, you are equipped to work through a series of multiple choice, scenario-based questions. It’s your goal to answer those questions based on learnings from the video.
Best of all, the whole effort takes 15 minutes or less to complete, so you can improve your skills and then get back on the phone with prospects. We think it’s a really fun way to learn and perfect your pitch in a real-world environment. Give it a try!
Additional Resources
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