You’ve come up with an ingenious app idea.
So, what’s next?
Coming up with that unique app idea is often the easiest part of the app creation process–with multiple platforms to design for, limited resources, and increased pressures to bring high-quality apps to market quickly, modern application development can be a complex and daunting process.
Building, testing, revising, testing again; designing for tablets and phones and PCs; launching upgrade after upgrade to keep your app best-in-class and stay in front of your competitors…. Let’s face it: creating and maintaining an app of the highest possible quality can take an enormous investment of time, effort, and money.
What if you had a toolbox full of just the right instruments to help you minimize the frustrations and dedicate your resources to innovation, creation, and customer satisfaction instead?

1. Time.

The entire process of getting an app to market often simply takes too long. Issues can crop up at any stage throughout the development process and significantly delay your app’s release date.
Time demands on your software engineers are constantly increasing as modern application patterns get more complex. Maintaining quality is increasingly difficult as software engineers push to get applications to market.

The fix:

To achieve more and develop higher quality apps quickly, you need a powerful, mobile-first, cloud-first development solution. Use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to help significantly reduce delays and accelerate your time to market. Be sure to check out the development tools you get for free as part of your Microsoft partnership.
In addition, use Visual Studio 2015 to minimize distractions while you and your team work by getting in-context information so you can focus your time on coding and building the best software possible. Agile tools and project management capabilities within Visual Studio 15 are optimized for projects of any size, helping you manage work across projects and teams easily and productively.

2. Quality.

Modern application development cycles mean you are always under pressure to ship more frequently. It is not enough just to get your application to market quickly, you have to make sure you do so without losing quality. Plus, identifying, diagnosing, and fixing bugs can get costly and make you miss your deadlines.

The fix:

Use Visual Studio 2015 to reduce those testing barriers and collaborate with advanced capabilities that enable quality checks throughout the development process. Our tools and services help you deliver solutions of the highest quality quickly, through better team collaboration, release management, and analytics.

3. Multiple platforms.

Customers are increasingly mobile and expect their data and experiences to follow them across devices and platforms. Your application must be able to deliver on that expectation–all from a single solution.

The fix:

With Visual Studio 2015, you can build applications on any platform without having to learn a new development environment. Applications created with Visual Studio 2015 can span devices, platforms (Android, iOS), and the web to increase the potential market for your solutions.
We know that modern app development is challenging, but the right development tools, platform, and environment can minimize the challenges and get your app to market sooner.
As a Microsoft partner, all of the above tools are already yours to use to make developing an app faster and easier and to help them get to market (and profitability) sooner. And, to round out that tool box, members of MPN can take advantage of Internal Use Rights benefits, including:
  • FREE Visual Studio subscription: competency partners enjoy at least five licenses (silver) or ten licenses (gold) of Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions; Action Pack subscribers have three Visual Studio Professional subscriptions. Download yours right from the MSDN Download Portal.
  • Monthly Azure credit or Azure Bulk Credit (Cloud Platform) to develop and test in the cloud. Try out virtual machines, mobile services, HDInsight, and more.
  • Visual Studio Team Services – cloud-powered collaboration tools that let you share code, track work, and ship software from your “home base” in the cloud.
  • Technical Support Team, ready when you need assistance with your code.
Your great app idea has waited long enough. Take advantage of all of your MPN Developer Benefits and start developing your application now!