If you’re a reseller trying to offer a range of cloud services and solutions on your own, or an ISV searching for customers, trust me, there’s a better way.
In a recent conversation with Aleksi Partanen, ALSO’s Senior VP of Digital Services, he described for me that for resellers and ISVs to maximize profitability in the cloud, they need a combination of the right partners, products, and process.
And Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Indirect providers like ALSO can provide them all.
Working with an Indirect CSP provider means tapping into a rich, established marketplace of partners, solutions, and opportunity, without having to build it all from scratch.
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Right partners.

Let’s say you’re a reseller with customers who are asking for more cloud solutions. You could go out and talk to a number of vendors, distributors and ISVs, do your due diligence, create relationships, draw up contracts, etc. But it takes a lot of work and time to manage those relationships on an ongoing basis! That’s where Indirect providers leveraging CSPs like ALSO with ALSO Cloud Marketplace come in: they’ll do that work for you through a wide range of vetted vendors.
Or you might be an ISV with a product that’s ready to sell, but you’ve got limited resources to bring that solution to market. The marketplace of an Indirect CSP provider can give you access to resellers and their customers – a level of exposure many ISVs would find impossible to achieve on their own.
With an Indirect provider on their side, an ISV partner can build scale and expand their footprint across geographic boundaries, offering resellers a wide range of solutions – tested and vetted – and ultimately offer customers more tailored solutions than ever before.

Right products.

Because they provide access to a wide range of platforms, apps, services, and solutions, these CSP marketplaces serve as innovation hubs.
And for ISVs, they’re even more than that: a CSP marketplace provides the ability to identify customers who need the solution they’ve created, then partner with resellers who address that or a sub-segment of the market.
For example, since SMBs often need to get up and running quickly but with minimal investment, ALSO introduced their Workplace as a Service (WaaS) solution. This hassle-free package contains the hardware, software, and services that resellers need to get their SMB customers fully functional, fast.
Some Indirect providers, like ALSO, additionally enable resellers to build vertically and geographically focused bundles with a wide range of solutions to choose from, allowing resellers to earn even more revenue by creating tailored packages that fit the needs of the specific verticals they sell to.
One example is Danish partner WorkPoint. Their solution, integrated with Office 365, allows their customers to manage business-critical processes with one convenient solution. Another example is Dutch partner Tempero. Their solution quickly turns Dynamics CRM Online into a working solution covering most of the needs of a SMB company. These are only the tip of the iceberg of opportunities that ISV solutions, bundled with Microsoft CSP indirect offerings, can bring to resellers and their clients.

Right process.

As the reseller-customer relationship has become long-term rather than project-based, the process of selling has changed, and owning customer lifecycle management is more important than ever. But because Indirect Providers offer a wide range of solutions, partners can offer their customers more sophisticated solutions and scale right alongside them as their organization and technology needs expand.
Customers have complex business needs, and they want solutions that will simplify their lives. So, if you could offer customers a fully-integrated, affordable, and subscription-based solution that solved their needs and will grow as their business does, why wouldn’t you?