In today’s highly competitive and crowded application marketplace, it is more critical than ever to get your app to the market before your competitor does. But if you deliver an app that is light on features—or worse, full of bugs—it can set back your app development efforts.

Not only do you need to build a high-quality app quickly, but your app needs to be mobile and support multiple platforms.

We understand the complexities around app development, and we’re here to help you achieve more and beat the competition with MPN Developer Partner resources. To get you started, here are some best practices you can use to get your app to market sooner than your competitors, without sacrificing quality:

1. Offer support for multiple platforms.

Your customers are increasingly mobile and expect their data and experiences to follow them across devices and platforms. With your MPN Internal Use Rights (IUR) benefits, you can use Visual Studio to develop for multiple platforms (including Windows, iOS, Android), so your customers can access your app from their desktop, the web, devices, and the cloud. Visual Studio 2015 and its extensions make it simple for you to build applications, quickly, on any platform, without having to learn a new development environment.

2. Utilize both web and cloud development.

When developing your applications, consider how much you might need to scale based on projected customer demand and geography. Keep the cloud in mind while you develop, as it is designed to scale along with your business.

Developing with Visual Studio 2015 ensures you have the flexibility to create apps that either run on-premises or in the cloud. Your on-premises skills easily transition to cloud development, and creating cloud scale applications through Microsoft Azure means getting the best of both worlds for your customers’ needs.

Use Visual Studio’s integrated web tools—including full support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery—to create interactive web apps and services that have the ability to adapt to traditional, modern, and mobile browsers. Visual Studio and the Visual Studio marketplace of development extensions also provide tools for Python, Node.js, R, and Java, as well as game development with Unity.

3. Debug and diagnose.

Developing clean code is pivotal to your app’s speed to market. Having fine-grained control of exactly what and where you debug, getting “close to the metal” on how deep you debug, and diagnosing performance issues as you code all lead to faster development cycles and better apps. Make sure your development platform offers rich testing, debugging, and diagnostics so you can spend less time hunting for bugs and more time coding. Your MPN benefits include world-class tools to help.

4. Modernize business applications.

Consider developing your applications to integrate with other products that your customers rely on, such as SharePoint or Office 365, to provide a familiar and improved experience for your users. With billions of existing users, these additional mainstream applications not only demonstrate broad scale app adoption among customers, but building in integration to your app can be pivotal to developing something people discover and use. Customers expect a modern approach to app development, and integration is one of the keys to that success.

Building upon the rich platform capabilities of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio 2015 enables you to provide that experience. So not only can you develop apps quickly, you can develop the apps that customers need.

The competition won’t wait: now is the time to turn your ideas to apps—and Visual Studio 2015 can help. Take advantage of all your MPN Developer Benefits and start developing your application now!

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