Before, during, and since WPC 2015, you’ve heard my team and me say that your path to profitability is through your own differentiated, unique IP. It bears so much repeating because our research continues to show that offering something no one else can is key, whether that’s a unique service or an app you bring to your customers.
For partners who build apps, the opportunity with Microsoft is huge: Windows 10 is now running on more than 200 million devices, the fastest growth trajectory of any version of Windows – ever. These new Windows 10 customers open up a whole new market for you via the Store, which has seen over 3 billion visits since the Windows 10 launch. In December alone, Windows 10 generated more than a 4.5x increase in revenue per device. Azure also continues to grow, with revenue and compute usage more than doubling year over year and more than 20 datacenter regions worldwide – more than any other major cloud provider.
But that’s not the end of the list—the opportunity for developers, IP providers, and ISVs at Microsoft continues to grow each day.

Investments MPN has been making in developer partners

We want you to be able to turn your unique IP into profit and business growth, so we constantly invest in building resources aimed at making that process easier. Use these resources to find even more business success while making the most of your partnership with Microsoft:

New, customized ISV experience

With so much news, information, and material available on MPN, knowing where to start and how to spend your limited time can be a challenge. That’s why I’m truly excited to introduce the ISV and Application Launch Center.
As part of the MPN site’s move to a new platform, we’ve just launched a brand new experience for ISV partners and app developers. Here you can find – quickly and easily – the most relevant content from across MPN and sites like Smart Partner Marketing.
The web experience surfaces the resources that are most important to you, with information designed to support you as you build and go to market:
  • Information on the benefits of partnering with us, including unlimited Signature Cloud Support
  • Demos, like how to port your iOS app to Windows using the Windows Bridge
  • Just-for-devs training on Azure and how to create virtual machines and web apps
And that’s just the beginning.
Maybe you’re ready to bring that app to market. You’ll find deployment planning assistance, marketing and sales training, licensing guides, and a host of resources to accelerate sales and maximize your ROI. Be sure to use the Market and Sell resource to quickly and easily extend reach with your target audience by learning which marketplace or store is most appropriate for your app.
From great idea to fully realized app, we’ve got you covered with the tools, guidance, and resources you need.

Smart Partner Marketing

We’ve also created the Smart Partner Marketing for ISVs site, a new marketing experience tailored just for our app-building partners. Get information from ISV and app developer partners about how modern marketing plays a key role in their success. Start by completing a short assessment to get marketing recommendations specific to your organization, and then check out our detailed marketing training and customizable ISV campaigns. Here, you’ll also learn more about the key marketplaces where we can help you expose your apps to customers.

Why we continue to invest more

Marketing an app is a new strength for our partners, and we want to make sure you have the resources you need to spread the word about your app right at your fingertips.
Be sure to keep an eye out for even more improvement to MPN and our resources for ISVs in the near future. We’ll be rolling out more of these experiences over the next six months to help you make the most of your partnership with Microsoft.