I am just home from an amazing IAMCP European Summit in Brussels. As a long-time member of the IAMCP, this is one of the highlights for our organization.

This year we had over 180 people attending, which a record for this conference. During the two days we discussed the shift to cloud computing, the European Union (EU) policy around IT, and how to be successful in the market place, amongst many other topics.
We also ran the grand finale of the EU App Cup, a pan-European competition building apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. In the final, we had ten great contestants that all made their pitches before a jury composed of IAMCP, Microsoft, EU government elites, journalists, and venture capitalists. Because of the extraordinarily high quality of the contestants, the jury needed extra time before the winners could be announced. In the end BulldozAir won for the business category and Spelink won for the young entrepreneur category. In my book they were all winners and I am sure that all ten will face a bright future in their endeavors to become successful entrepreneur.
But this conference is not only about content. It is also about meeting in-person, so we made sure that the agenda provided plenty of time for networking which translates in to business opportunities for our members.
Just prior to the conference I was a speaker at an event in the very same building arranged by Microsoft, talking about how to create jobs for young people in Spain. This is important and my own personal opinion is that Spain needs to be better in attracting foreign entrepreneurs to locate their next venture to Spain while educating students in current technology.
I was very excited to have many BizSpark companies attending – as we all know we need new blood – and adding these new entrepreneurs provided a great contribution to a very successful conference.
Now I encourage all BizSpark companies that are not yet IAMCP members to sign up with their local chapter.  I also encourage partners, in general, to collaborate more and never be shy to invite a fellow member in a discussion about how to be successful working together.
Warm regards,