Do you imagine this is a common conversation in the living room with a 15 year old and their parents?  The reality is, probably not, but the truth is it that should be more common.  Sales is a great professional and particularly for women who should run to this high demand, high paying and highly regarded role in companies.  Top Sales Professionals garner great respect with both their employer and the customers they work with.

In IT, we have a gap in finding the right talent with the right skills to evangelize the products or services IT companies have to offer.  I have spoken to Sales Managers who will interview over 30 candidates without finding one who has shown them they could be successful in the role.  Why is that? What is missing in this connection between employer and job seeker?
If you are considering sales, go read 10 different job posting descriptions.  Read deeply to learn not only the results they expect but the sales skills and competencies they are looking for.  You have to have them.  Start planning your career experiences now in order to land that sales role in the future.  Look for avenues to be more customer-facing in your current role.  Shadow a top sales rep and go on calls with them.  All great sales egos like to share their techniques.
I met a young woman who was fortunate to work in a company where many women were successful in sales.  She made the statement: I want to be a Sales Account Manager like them.  I helped her create a plan, mapping the skills she had to the ones she needed for a sales role.  We often do not know how to articulate a transferrable skill.  We helped her find mentors and experiences that would teach her the other competencies required.  She followed her plan.  In less than a year, she became a successful Partner Account Manager.  I expect to see sales achievements and promotions on her LinkedIn.
Have you written your plan to help you land a great sales role?  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.