Perhaps the biggest challenge for any organization, public or private, is how to harness the power of the data it gathers every day.
For many of our clients at Bismart, that challenge is compounded by a lack of flexible systems that can turn data into intelligence. Our clients’ workers either have to build their own solutions and manually enter data into spreadsheets, or ask their IT staff to export data from complex, expensive database applications to a spreadsheet. Both approaches can be time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in data that’s out-of-date and often conflicting.
In 2009, our cofounder team decided to do something that could address our customers’ needs and started a firm focused on transforming the volumes of data sitting around in disconnected systems into useful business intelligence (BI). With the support of the Microsoft BizSpark program, which provides business development resources to promising start-ups and entrepreneurs, and Barcelona Activa, an economic development tool for that city, we developed “bigov,” a Business Intelligence platform specialized in cities.
 "Like so much innovation, our solutions depend on cooperation."
bigov is based on SQL Server 2012 for Business Intelligence, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, and Microsoft Excel 2013 technologies, running on Windows Azure. With this solution, government officials and citizens get integrated scorecards that deliver a range of information on city operations and services. Following bigov, we used a similar approach to create solutions for healthcare, finance, insurance, utilities, and other sectors.
This tool has made it possible for us to help governments build economic growth and increase transparency through universal access to accurate, meaningful data. It has also helped them expedite their reporting. With our solution, our customers can build—in a few seconds—a report of key performance indicators which would have taken months to prepare before.
Bismart Big Data solutions allow you to discover market trends, to know customer sentiments about your brand, your products and your services, to predict consumer behavior, and to identify new business opportunities.
Like so much innovation, our solutions depend on cooperation. Microsoft tools and connections we’ve made through the Microsoft Partner Network helped us develop our program and get it to organizations globally who could benefit from it. This partnership allowed us to create a solution that earned Bismart the 2013 Microsoft Business Intelligence Partner of the Year award and designation by Microsoft as a “big data” preferred provider.
Tapping into the enormous potential of big data will be increasingly critical for business: it’s becoming a major part of the “I” in “BI.” But we understand that finding that key piece of information can feel like trying to get a drink of water by standing under a waterfall. This is why products like bigov, and other tools that can help businesses mine their data quickly, efficiently, and successfully are so vital.