Hello Partners,
As you know, our team truly appreciates your feedback, and we’re always working to open up more channels of communication with you. Your insights help us improve our solutions and – just as important – be better partners for you. If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP), or you haven’t checked it out since the program was refreshed, it’s one way we ensure your thoughts about major topics are heard by our management and staff.
Our team and others across the company periodically have projects which can benefit from partner feedback. In those cases, we turn to the MSPRP. The panel is comprised of partners who have agreed to offer their thoughts, which they do through online surveys, focus groups, or other types of qualitative research. Responses are confidential and only reported in aggregate to us because we believe it’s important our partner volunteers feel confident in providing open and honest feedback to us.
The feedback we get from panel members gives us an improved understanding of the partner experience and how that experience shapes your opinions about Microsoft. The insights and suggestions that come from the panel influence and inform the refinement of Microsoft Partner Network offerings, our development of new tools and resources for you, and programmatic changes within Microsoft.
Although we always appreciate 1:1 feedback from individual partners, these panel surveys give us a sense for the bigger picture, the experiences that have the biggest impact on you, our partners, and how those experiences can influence your future decisions. In many cases, panel survey feedback points to an area that requires a significant shift of resources, so results from your input may show up months down the road.
Participation in the MSPRP is voluntary, anonymous, and so valuable to help us understand how you and your customers engage with us, our products, and our services. We greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to respond and help us make informed, programmatic changes that will hopefully benefit the partner community as a whole.
If you’d like to participate in the Microsoft Partner Research Panel, you are invited to opt in here. Obviously, the more partners who participate, the broader the range of feedback we get, and the better informed we are to make improvements, so I encourage everyone to opt in. Thank you for helping us be better partners for you.



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