Buyers often come to our partners’ websites already prepared to make a purchase. Many of today’s Internet-savvy customers are well-informed and ready to move quickly through their purchasing journey. When providers have websites with great content, like videos that speak to buyer issues, demos of products they’re interested in, articles, how-tos, etc., that on-target content can signal to a buyer that this solution provider has them in mind. When a buyer has to choose between all the available solution providers out there, what can you do to help them choose you?
Does your website have PRESENCE?
Buyers want solution providers to be trustworthy and purchases to be simple. Done right, your website is a powerful tool for encouraging consumer confidence – done poorly, it can be a major deterrent. If you build a website with presence, you’ll maximize your chances of attracting and retaining customers from initial research all the way to purchase. Here are some simple tests to see if your website has the power to pull ‘em in:
P  Presence: define your company’s value on your homepage

R  Rely on customer testimonials and case studies to tell your story

E  Equip your site to handle mobile and tablet visitors

S  Skimmable design with white space, subheads, and visuals

E  Engaging content that is fresh, well-written, and gives the user a reason to return

N  Navigation that is simple and allows the reader to easily find what they came for

C  Calls to action that are prominent and lead users through your sales cycle

E  Easy-to-find contact information on every page

A great example of a website with all these elements is Microsoft partner Lanlogic. Working with Extra Mile Marketing from Bellevue, Washington, Lanlogic did a website redesign to incorporate the basic P.R.E.S.E.NC.E. principles. Since their launch, the organization has seen an increase in monthly organic traffic as well as an increase in web-generated leads.
Friendly, welcoming, easy-to-read homepage. Lanlogic’s philosophy of helping clients through cloud technology is right there in their banner. Separated boxes make it easy to skim for the particular information you need: Office 365 or assistance with relocating your office, for example. The white space throughout the site clearly differentiates the material and keeps the page from being overwhelmingly text-heavy.  Simplified navigation helps readers find what they came for. The site was also built to be responsive, so it adapts to mobile and tablet users.
Trust and thought leadership. Customer testimonials are an important way to showcase expertise and build trust, and Lanlogic features those on their homepage in the form of Case Studies and Testimonials. Testimonials from companies similar to your target audience are especially powerful, since they indicate you are familiar with the industry.
Blogs demonstrate thought leadership and a willingness to share knowledge and expertise at no cost. And because blog content is typically updated more frequently than website content, sharing excerpts from their blog on their homepage means Lanlogic has fresh content on a regular basis.
Help to get started
Building an entirely new website can be a major undertaking, but there are plenty of things you can do now to make your website more powerful, such as adding customer testimonials, linking to your blog, making sure you have clear calls to action throughout your site, and – you wouldn’t believe how often this gets overlooked – making sure you have easy-to-locate contact information on every page. As people close out of a web page, their eye naturally travels up and to the far right. What will they see on your site?
On the Smart Partner Marketing site, you’ll find a series of videos that can help you evaluate the website you have now and begin initiating changes to increase your website’s presence. You have the solution, expertise, and knowledge your customers want – now just make sure they can find you.
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