Guest post by Sharon Collins, Microsoft Partner Network Manager and Competency Lead, U.S. Partner Team.

SharonCollins.pngEach month in the U.S. partner newsletter, Sharon Collins, U.S. Microsoft Partner Network Manager and Competency Lead, delivers a message to silver and gold competency partners about maintaining and maximizing their competency investment. Our new Competency blog series continues that conversation, and will also help those partners working to achieve their first competency.
Part of the Microsoft U.S. Partner Team’s work each January includes preparing for a large number of our partners to renew their membership in the Microsoft Partner Network. Thanks to you, the Microsoft Partner Network continues to be the largest program in the industry, with more than 640,000 partners worldwide. By renewing before your membership expiration date, you’ll retain access to the valuable benefits and resources that are available to Partner Network members. If your company is due to renew in the next 90 days, here is guidance to help you through the process.
Is your organization due to renew soon? Find out in three easy steps:
  1. RenewalImage.pngSign In to the Microsoft U.S. partner portal with your Windows Live ID.
  2. Click the “View Your Membership Account” bar at the top of any portal page.
  3. In the dropdown box, you’ll see a summary of your membership information, including the name of your company’s Program Administrator and the date your current membership expires (see screenshot at right).
The Program Administrator is the person authorized to complete your organization’s renewal. If the Program Administrator listed is not accurate, please contact the Regional Service Center by phone, email, or chat to update so you can renew your membership.
Yes, my organization is due to renew within the next 90 days!
Great! The next steps you take will depend on a couple of factors:
  • Whether or not you are the Program Administrator for your organization
    • If you are the Program Administrator, see detailed guidance and links below
    • If you are not the Program Administrator, you may want to share this post with the appropriate person
  • How soon your membership is due for renewal
    • Fewer than 30 days
    • In the next 31-90 days
Membership Renewal Steps for Program Administrators
If your membership expires in

fewer than 30 days

If your membership expires

between 31-90 days

Membership Renewal and Competency Attainment Resources