Hello Partners!

Curious how to find likeminded partners with whom you can collaborate? Looking to strengthen your relationship with Microsoft? Want to build your network and your business simultaneously?
Our wide variety of partner communities can help you accomplish all of the above goals and strengthen the overall value of your partnership with Microsoft.
The IAMCP is the largest partner network outside of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) itself. For 20 years, the IAMCP has focused on expanding connections among Microsoft and our partners in order to develop strong relationships and improve partner businesses. The nonprofit partner organization also helps partners learn to navigate the Microsoft partner ecosystem more efficiently by providing access to partners and Microsoft employees around the world eager to connect with one another to share learnings and best practices.
With roughly 90 chapters around the world and 3,600 individual members, the IAMCP provides an opportunity to get involved locally and build connections on a global scale. In the words of IAMCP member David Gersten of Bond Consulting Services, “Being part of the IAMCP has made us visible on the Microsoft radar.” David’s company now receives leads and funding that would not have been possible without their IAMCP membership—and David also credits the IAMCP for helping him learn about being a Microsoft partner. IAMCP member Ro Kolakowski of 6th Street Consulting agrees, saying, “When we first started with the IAMCP, we knew very little of how to actually work with Microsoft, and this has been able to really open our eyes and see how the Microsoft ecosystem works; it has taught us how to work with other partners, and has really increased our relationship with Microsoft.” IAMCP members most often use the word “incredible” to describe the value of the community because of the unique networking, learning and partnering opportunities it provides. To learn more and join the IAMCP, visit their website.
IAMCP Women In Technology (WIT) is a community within the IAMCP network that provides women in the Microsoft ecosystem with mutual support in achieving personal and professional goals. IAMCP WIT has multiple thriving communities globally focused on building professional and technical skills, attracting and retaining women in information technology careers, and giving back to the community. Please email WIT@iamcp.org if you’re interested in getting involved.
The IAMCP and IAMCP WIT meet annually at WPC to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments, build in-person relationships, plan for the year to come, and connect with the broad Microsoft partner ecosystem.
The IAMCP may be the largest partner community outside of MPN, but it’s certainly not the only one. Get involved with SMB partners, Voices for Innovation, and other partner groups via WPC Connect. Start conversations in groups related to your interests, find partners relevant to you, and connect with Microsoft employees. Then, solidify these relationships at WPC, where you can put ideas into practice.
WPC 2015 takes place July 12-16 in Orlando, Florida. Register today to secure your spot and commit to growing your place in the Microsoft partner community.