Hi partners!


I’ve been hearing a lot from those of you lately who are really interested in developing and delivering solutions to public sector organizations. The challenge, you’ve said, is determining how to get started. So, I made it my challenge to find out more. It turns out that the opportunity is huge, and the Microsoft Partner Network is working hard to put the tools in partners’ hands to ensure your success.
Let me start by saying that your instincts—and interest—in taking your businesses in this direction are spot-on. Yesterday, the FY12 Annual Citizenship Report was released which highlighted the incredible commitment to serving communities and next steps in our responsible work practices. I am in awe of the over $900 million in cash and software given to non-profits worldwide and that we’ve been able to reach over 120 countries through our philanthropy programs. By focusing on our communities, our people, and creating a real impact for a better tomorrow – we all win.
This is why I am so pleased at the interest from partners around public sector. It’s a win-win for everyone.  iTWire reports that in the second quarter of CY 2012, revenue from public sector deals grew 82 percent from the same time last year. And, in her value keynote address at WPC 2012, Laura Ipsen, Worldwide Public Sector CVP, shared that Microsoft partners are growing their public sector businesses at three times the market rate. Clearly, the opportunity is there, and there’s never been a better time to jump in and make a real difference while you’re working hard to grow your business.
That brings me back to the central question: How do you get started? The Worldwide Public Sector team has put together an engagement guide that does a great job of explaining how you can use your partner benefits to start building a thriving public sector business. I encourage you to check it out to learn how you can take advantage of partner training, marketing, and support resources to get your piece of the opportunity. There’s also an entire section of the Microsoft Partner Portal devoted to public sector. Just select the industry you’re most interested in and you’ll be able to find out who to contact with questions. This is the kind of opportunity that allows us to help partners all over the world make a real impact on citizens’ lives.
In her address, Laura says that the opportunities are strong, even in cash-strapped sectors like government. And that means working in the public sector space is about doing new with less. I look forward to seeing the innovative solutions you’ll bring to market and hearing about new ways you’re transforming lives around the world.