It’s been an exciting summer indeed. The Olympics just wrapped up in London and my home country did a fantastic job hosting the Games. Did you see the amazing closing ceremony? What a show! Great Britain did extremely well, finishing third in gold medals with a solid 29, making it one of our most successful Olympic Games ever. In fact, we only finished behind the United States and China in golds — not too shabby for Team GB. I’m proud of my British compatriots! And of everyone who played a part at the Games.

There’s even more summer excitement here at Microsoft as we make history with the unveiling of an unprecedented number of product launches. Last month’s WPC in Toronto was our most successful conference yet, and I’d like to share some of the highlights from day two. Here’s a video of Corporate Vice President of the Worldwide Partner Group Jon Roskill and my colleague from the UK, Steve Clayton, editor of Next at Microsoft, showing off demos of some of the more spectacular innovations.
This is just a sampling of what you’ll see:
  • Microsoft Translator for Windows Phone: Point your phone at text and get an instant translation.
  • Photosynth: Capture full hi-res panoramas and build a 3-D model.
  • PixelSense table: Use natural human interaction to navigate the universe.
  • MAVIS: Search for specific parts of audio and video content.
  • Bing: Get powerful search results using social integration.
  • FetchClimate: Put big data into action and get results in real-time.
  • 3-D scanner and printer: Create an instant live 3-D digital version of an object — then print out a physical 3-D object!
  • 3-D technology using Kinect: Turn any surface into a 3-D multi-touch screen.
  • IllumiShare: Share any surface — not just digitally, but physically — from across the globe.
The partners and researchers who worked tirelessly on these and other innovations never cease to amaze me. And they’re a big part of why this new era at Microsoft is so exciting.
I urge you to watch the video and visit to learn about more exciting products and services heading your way.
After living moments of gold at the Olympics, Microsoft is going for glory in the world of innovative solutions. Our partners are poised to bring home the gold in the form of more wins by using Microsoft’s tools and talent.