For this installment in our series on exceptional partner stories from around the world, we’re journeying to Sri Lanka—a long way from Redmond!

Market Pioneers
When you think of Sri Lanka, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Cricket? Gorgeous beaches? A rich traditional culture? In addition to these attractions, the country is also home to Tech One Global—a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in several technologies specializing in delivering value-added software and service solutions, as well as software distribution. One of the very first Microsoft distributors in the country (they were originally known as Tech Distribution), Tech One came from humble origins, like many other companies. Now, in 2011, they’re savoring the returns on years of hard work, having recently been named 2011 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Sri Lanka.
Investing in People
Tech One’s rise from small (just two owner/employees) distribution venture to innovative, award-winning service provider with a robust staff of 65 and still-expanding international business scope is one that any Microsoft partner should be able to appreciate, and maybe even learn from. What they lacked in wealth and capital, they made up for with a diligent focus on networking within the partner community, building impeccable credentials through earning competencies, and establishing a sterling reputation among their customers. Immediately reaching out to the Microsoft Partner Network became the key to their success, as it enabled them to develop a wealth of in-house knowledge and make the connections that allowed them to quickly grow. Even without much in the way of material assets, Tech One has succeeded by investing directly in the people that make up their company, with Microsoft’s support and encouragement along the way.
Extending their Reach
Tech One Global is a great example of a partner in a relatively remote market, truly leveraging their global partner community. By drawing on a worldwide network of technical resources, sales support, specialized knowledge, and innovative thinking, they’re able to pass that value on to their local customers. And their dedication doesn’t end when the check is cashed—they’ve cultivated a reputation for outstanding post-sales support, also rooted firmly in their network ethos. From small beginnings in Sri Lanka to being a globally recognized partner with a presence in Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Philippines, Singapore, and Dubai, Tech One Global demonstrates the power of community to drive business and win customer loyalty—anywhere in the world.
Oh, and if Sri Lanka made you think of cricket, you weren’t exactly wrong—it turns out that Tech One Global has their own team!
Learn more about Tech One Global at their website and on their blog, and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.