Don’t you wish you knew if your customers were actually using your software products? When you develop your products in the cloud, you’ll know if they are or not. You’ll also gain insight into product enhancements and sales opportunities.

When your product is in the cloud, you can track customer usage – what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and when they’re doing it. If you don’t pay attention to what your customer is doing, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity.
What if you could watch how one customer processes a purchase order transaction, and you could see how others at the same company use a different process that takes a lot longer. This creates a great opportunity to advise your customers on the best method to process purchase orders and make the process consistent across the company. Now imagine that you can look across multiple customers—all processing purchase orders differently. This creates opportunities to determine best practices for your customers and to see what enhancements need to be made in the products. Reach out to your customers with solutions before they even identify the problem.
Your customers will be amazed and astounded! You’re preventing problems before they happen. You’re helping them save money by recommending more efficient processes. You’re stopping them before they spend hard-earned dollars on a competing product from some other software vendor (leaving them more money to spend on your products, of course!). It’s almost like being married to your customer. And you do want a long-term and permanent relationship, right?​